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Helping Hands

Helping Hands Team, having a lot of dedication and enthusiasm, is always trying to gather and prepare the best poissible contents for you. As our website is quite new, hopefully it will merge into a great online guide for peoples of every field. Our contents will consists of blogs, travel Vlogs, Video Lectures, Audio Lecture, Standard Handouts, Highlighted Handouts, PPT Slides, MCQs collections with given proof, Notes in docx & PDF formats etc.

Two of the specially designed specific pages for: (1) Free of Cost Courses and (2) Virtual University contents. For now, we are gathering and providing the coupons of Udemy courses only and provide the already applied links in our website, in future we will surely look into more resources to help you get the best under one roof. Virtual University of Pakistan is providing great opportunity for people of every field to continue their educational career in different fields. We are providing helping material under a separate page specifically for the students of Virtual University.

We warmly welcome you to our website and hope so that you will surely acknowledge our efforts by suggesting Helping Hands to your friends and colleagues.

Our Team, Who made this amazing effort possible. They are working day and night to provide you guys' the best possible services and contents at one place.


Javed Mullagori

He is a Computer science student. While preparing for his exams and study online, He found out, that mostly content, found online, was either ill-organized or wrongly marked and he came up with the idea to have a good organized one in all platform for students and online learning community. His idea was welcomed and fully supported by his class mates. He is hoping and have to transform this platform into an amazing online learning guide. HAPPY LEARNING


Alishba Adnan

A Computer Science student and a fellow of Javed. She is also a partner of Javed on this project. Alishba is currently dealing with our YouTube channel. She have amazing skills of Video Editing and Photo Editing.



A Computer Science student and a fellow of Javed. She is also a partner of Javed on this project. While being a student of Programming and Front + Back end coding, She have a great effect on bringing this idea to fruition.

While we continuously looking to improve the Quality of our Project and the stuff we provide, Hence We continuously looking forward to grow our team and to have some wonderful colleagues on this Free Online Learning Platform. As this is for now, on the no income basis, He we need partners not employees.