ClickUp vs Trello: Take a Look at My Cards

ClickUp vs Trello

We use Trello at TechyLessons to keep track of workflow, and it’s one of the greatest ways to organize and monitor projects out there. I recently learned about ClickUp, which is a new kid on the block claiming to be a superior alternative to Trello. On the surface, it appears promising, but I decided to … Read more

Best Features of Android 12 You Should Know

Features of Android 12

The first Developer Preview of Android 12, called Android Snow Cone, has been released by Google. A new Android release passes through many developer previews and beta updates, in case you didn’t know. This enables Android app developers and OEMs to properly test their apps and devices prior to their final release. Here are the … Read more

Discord vs Slack: to Chat or Not to Chat

Discord vs Slack

Slack is the industry leader in the professional chat software, but its users are quite similar to those of Discord. Slack and Discord appear to be very different on the surface, yet they have numerous similarities and functionality, such as channels, file sharing, audio and video conversations, and bots. So, if you’re unclear about the … Read more