How to Clear Autofill in Firefox and Chrome Browser

We use our browsers to browse the internet and visit various websites. It’s our portal to the internet. Autofill, often known as autocomplete, is a tool that makes our daily navigation easier and faster. For security or privacy reasons, you may not want it to appear while entering in search or other boxes. It may also contain entries that have been mistyped or misspelled. The good news is that you can clear autofill in Firefox and Chrome as well as turn it off completely.

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Clear Autofill in Firefox and Chrome

If you disable it, both browsers will forget what you write in the search fields. However, you will still need to remove the autofill queries because turning off the feature would only prevent it from remembering future searches. It will not forget any previous ones that you have already input. Let’s begin.

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Clear and Disable Autofill in Firefox

Open Firefox and select Options from the three-bar menu icon. It’s also known as Settings by some users. This is where you can alter Firefox’s behavior and interaction with you.

On the left sidebar, pick the Privacy and Security option, then use custom settings for history under the History tab. Below, a new set of checkboxes will emerge, as shown.

Autofill settings in Firefox

Disable Keep in mind the search and form history options. There is also the option to not remember browsing and download history, but I leave it turned on because it remembers my regularly visited sites, which I prefer. There are four different Address Bar choices that give you more control over what Firefox remembers and recommends.

Have you noticed the right-hand Clear History button?

Clear autofill in Firefox

The first step is to select a time period from the drop-down menu, which ranges from the last hour to everything. Select everything except Form and Search History from the drop-down menus below. Depending on what you need to keep or remove, you can choose from a variety of data kinds. The term “search” in this context refers to the search bar in Firefox’s menu bar, not Google search.

In Firefox, all old autofill data for forms and searches have been removed, and no new data will be created or saved.

Tip Top: In Firefox, you can delete individual autofill entries. To browse through autofill searches, click the mouse on an autofill field and hit the arrow keys. Press the delete key when the search you want to erase is highlighted. If it doesn’t work, try Shift+Del. Here are the 15 Coolest Firefox Tricks Ever.

Clear and Disable Autofill in Chrome

The same method for eliminating individual autofill entries that work in Firefox will also work in Chrome. Use the arrow keys to browse through autofill entries in the address or search box, then delete the highlighted entry by pressing the Del or Shift+Del keys. To find random queries, type a few characters and erase them one by one. It’s a lot of work, but that’s the way it is.

Let’s look at how we may remove all of our autofill requests at once and prevent Chrome from saving and displaying them.

Open Chrome and select Settings from the three-dot menu icon. From the left sidebar, select Auto-fill and then addresses and more.

Addresses and more option in chrome

You may turn off the option to save and fill addresses here. You’ll see that, unlike Firefox, Google hasn’t combined the search and address options. After all, Google’s main source of revenue is searched.

Save and fill addresses option

Return to the previous page and scroll down a little to locate Privacy and security. Select Clear browsing data from the drop-down menu. You can select the time range and all the data queries/sets you want to delete under the Advanced tab.

Delete autofill data in chrome

All but the Auto-fill form data option should be deselected. To erase all saved autofill queries in Chrome, click the Clear data icon. You may also clear autofill search queries and payment information from the same menu, depending on what you want to keep and what you want to erase.

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Conclusion: Clear Autofill in Chrome and Firefox

We occasionally share our computers with others, and it is then that we wish we had addressed the autofill queries earlier. The second person begins typing and notices humiliating words and phrases that stick out at them, revealing what we were looking for earlier. It is also capable of leaking sensitive information such as credit card numbers and addresses.

While I’ve just addressed Chrome and Firefox here, Chromium is used by the majority of other browsers. Brave, Edge, and Opera are a few examples. That means you’ll find similar options for controlling how autofill queries are handled in that browser as well. Simply look for it in the settings or conduct a search.

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