Combine Multiple Photos Into PDF Windows and Mac

Whether you need to transfer some documents or want to produce a PDF of a collection of images to distribute, Windows and Mac can help. Let’s imagine you want to send someone a few photographs, but you don’t want them edited as a single image. Let’s say you want to give someone your bank account information (as an image) or some other private/confidential photos. You can merge many photos into one PDF and password-protect it instead of distributing them as images. This makes sharing simple and safe. Here is how to combine multiple photos into pdf on Windows & Mac Isn’t it just one single file?

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Combine Multiple Photos Into PDF Windows Mac

With the help of this article, you can do it whether you’re using Windows, Mac, or another operating system on your computer. We’ve largely included pre-installed and offline tools to save you time when you’re in a rush.

Combine Photos Into PDF on Windows 10

To complete the task, you can use two alternative tools. You may use the Paint 3D software to merge numerous photographs because Microsoft incorporated a new photo editing function. The classic Paint program, on the other hand, isn’t awful either. We’ve shown you how to use both tools, and you may pick and choose which one you want to use. Make sure you have all the photographs in one place before moving further with any stages.

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Use Paint to Combine Multiple Images

1: Launch the Paint application on your computer.

2: Go to the File menu and choose Open from the drop-down menu.

3: Click the Open button after selecting an image.

4: Select the entire image with Ctrl+A and resize it if necessary.

Resize an image to combine photos into pdf on Windows & Mac

5: Select the Paste from option from the Paste button.

Paste the second image in paint on Windows 10

6: Click the Open button after selecting the second image.

7: Align the second image to your specifications.

Change placement of images

Note: The Steps 5, 6, and 7 must be repeated for each consecutive image. After you’ve finished inserting the photos, move on to the following stage.

8: Select the Print option from the File menu. In addition, you can press Ctrl+P.

9: It will show a list of printers. Select Microsoft Print to PDF from the drop-down menu and press the Print button.

Microsoft Print to PDF option

10: Choose a place for the file, give it a name, and then click the Save button.

You may now view all of your photographs in a single PDF.

Use Paint 3D to Combine Images

These methods will come in helpful if you wish to utilize the new Paint 3D program to mix many images into one PDF file.

1: To open the first image, open the Paint 3D program and select Open > Browse files.

Open browse to combine multiple photos into pdf on Windows & Mac

2: Select the image with Ctrl+A and resize it if necessary.

Resize an image option on Windows 10

3: Select the Insert option from the Menu button. It will not work if you hit Ctrl+O to open the second image since you must first save the first image.

Insert the second image option

4: Select the second image to be combined. Then, using Ctrl+A, select the entire image and resize it to your specifications.

To insert all of your other photographs, repeat the last two steps.

5: Go to the Menu button and select Print > 2D Print from the drop-down menu.

2d print settings of paint 3d

6: In the Printer drop-down list, make sure Microsoft Print to PDF is chosen. After that, make any necessary adjustments to your printing choices and click the Print button.

Combine multiple photos into one pdf using paint 3d

7: Select a location to save the PDF file, give it a name, and then click the Save button.

Combine Photos on macOS

If you’re using a Mac, you can combine many photos into one PDF using the Preview software. You don’t need to download any third-party software to get it done, just like with Windows 10. It is, however, fairly difficult because you will need a large blank page on which to place all the photographs and change their sizes.

1: In the Preview program on macOS, open the largest image first.

2: Select the entire image with Cmd+A, copy it with Cmd +C, and then make a new image using the selection by pressing Cmd +N.

3: On the freshly created image, press Cmd +A and then delete.

You have two preview windows open at this time, one with the original image and the other with a blank window.

4: In the original picture window, go to Tools > Adjust Size and enter the desired size.

Adjust photo size option in preview on macOS

5: Copy the original image with Cmd +A, then paste it into the blank window with Cmd+V.

6: Using Preview, open the second image, change the size, then paste it in the same window as the first.

Adjust images in preview on macOS

7: When you’re finished, go to File > Export as PDF.

Export images as pdf option

8: Give your file a name, select a location for it to be saved, and click the Save button.

Best Online Tool to Combine Images

Google Docs is the best online tool for combining several photos into a single PDF. Despite the fact that it is a word processor, it can be used to merge many photos and convert them to PDF.

1: In Google Docs, open a new document and select Insert > Image. Choose Upload from the computer if you have your image on your computer. Similarly, if your images are stored on Google Drive, select the appropriate choice.

 Upload from the computer option

2: You can resize it after you’ve inserted it if necessary. Then, using the same options, insert the second or all the other images.

Set images side by side in Google Docs

3: When you’re finished, go to File > Download > PDF Document.

Combine and download multiple photos into one pdf

Your file will be saved to your computer as a PDF.

Conclusion: Combine Photos into PDF on Windows Mac

There are two key reasons why you should utilize in-built software rather than third-party applications. The first reason is that security and privacy are important to me. If you use an online tool, you risk exchanging your personal information with a third-party online tool indefinitely. The second factor, installation, is not particularly noteworthy, although it does have a role. We did, however, include Google Docs in the list. Google Docs is a dependable online Microsoft Word alternative, and you should have no problems using it.


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