CS302P Assignment-2 Solution by HHelpingHands-DotCom

CS302P Assignment-2 Solution by HHelpingHands-DotCom

CS302P Assignment-2 Solution by HHelpinHands-DotCom

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CS302P Assignment-2 Solution by  HHelpingHands.com

Hello there, We the HHelpingHands-DotCom hope that you will be fine INSHALLAH.

We the HHelpingHands.com Solved this CS302P Assignment-2 for you guys’ and a lot of deliberations, we are uploading it here.

The question was to make a 6-bit Gray Code to Binary converter using Electronic Work Bench. So as we know that we use XOR (Exclusive OR) gates to convert Gray Code to Binary or Vice Versa. For this 6-bit Converter, we will use 5 XOR gates. And as you will see in our solution file, the Most Significant Bit is to be directly connected with the most significant bit on the output side. The remaining we will pass through the XOR gates. The XOR gates will get 1 input from the Output of the previous XOR gate (more significant that him).

XOR Gates detects dissimilar outputs, in order to make the truth table of the circuit, we will check its possibilities one by one. like for the 5th XOR gate we will take G5 and G4 as inputs, but for the 4th XOR gate we will take B5 and G3 as inputs and then will decide whether those are similar or dissimilar.

The undermentioned file which we are offering you free of cost contains:

  1. Word file
  2. PDF File

We always try to provide you the best possible solutions and once we get an assignment or a GDB (maybe) as a task to be solved for you guys’, we then discuss it between ourselves and after solving again we check it. We also hope that you will also check it before use and will try to understand it fully. In case you find something difficult to swallow mail us at  hhelpinghands.com@gmail.com are maybe comment us at the end of this post.

The download is at the bottom of this post. See you soon guys’!

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