How To Create A One Page LEAN Resume

One Page LEAN Resume Stack Course [FREE]

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Free Certification Course Title: One Page LEAN Resume Stack Course[FREE]

Build a 1 page lean resume to impress your recruiter in 6 SHORT SECONDS programming all in one complete Stack course

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Learn How To Create A One Page LEAN Resume stack all in one complete course

When i graduated ,i find it so darn hard to get myself a job , after sending hundreds of resumes to recruiter and different companies. Most of my friends already got their job , but i was still looking for one.

I never know that writing a resume requires so much of skills and knowledge , until one day , one of my friend which is a lawyer told me that , ” you will not get a job with your resume .”

That was a SPARK  and a turning point .

Just a brief view of my crappy old resume:

The arrangement of my resume is as below:

– my name , address and email

– my educational level

– my intern job experience ,part time job

– my hobbies , strength

– my skills such as languages

– my photos when i work as intern

Well , half of these things do not need to be inside a resume , and by the way , you only half 6 seconds to impress your recruiter !

So , cut off all the crap that a recruiter that is not interested in knowing .

In this free course , you will learn how to proper structure a lean 1 page resume that able to impress  a recruiter in 6 seconds. enjoy !

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • What a recruiter want to see in a resume
  • Impress recruiter with you resume in 6 seconds
  • How to build a lean 1 page resume
  • Learn only putting the “winning” information inside a resume


  • Get a pen and paper and start taking notes!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that is looking to build an effective 1 page resume .

This course includes:

  • 30min of on-demand video
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