PAK301 QUIZ 4 ( Lec 21 – 25) FILEs with references by HHelpingHands-DotCom

PAK301 QUIZ 4 ( Lec 21 - 25) FILEs with references by HHelpingHands-DotCom

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PAK301 Quiz-4 (Lec 21-25) Downloadable Files by HHelpingHands-Dot Com

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This file include the lectures from 21 to 25. The topics index is:

  1. Natural Resources
    • Agriculture
    • Natural Resources
    • Mineral Resources
    • Rivers and Canals
    • Forests
    • Animals

  2. The 1973 Constitution
    • Background
    • Constitution Making
    • Features

  3. Political History
    • 1947-1971
    • 1972- to the Present

  4. Political History (1972-2003)

  5. Geography, Land, Boundaries and Neighborhoods
    • Geography and the People
    • Boundaries
    • Neighborhoods

Here are the downloadable files for your quiz. We care for you that’s why we didn’t only uploaded it in word file but also in pdf and in Slideshow format.

After gathering the MCQ’s from different authentic resources, Then converting those into beautiful Word and PDF formats and then Making a slide show from those is of course a tedious task. Even it was not done yet, then locating their answers inside the handouts, and then marking those pages in the files even made our task harder. But to deliver you the quality work we done it happily.

CS101 Quiz-2 MCQ’s (Lec 109-181) by HHelpingHands-DotCom

In the Above lnk, you will find all the MCQ’s of the files in a single post. These are for those who might not want to download the files and maybe wanna read it online or get help online, So you can visit there.

A total of 57 MCQ’s is there in our files from the Lectures from 21 to 25! And this marked as Quiz-4, though the Quiz order changes every time and in every semester. So you should read it by lectures not by Quiz order. If you get any guidance or maybe wanna give us any suggestion, You may mail us at:

You will find your desired downloadable files below. Download and Read the MCQ’s of PAK301 Lectures 21-25 from the following links:

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