How to Report Incidents on Apple Maps in iOS

Apple’s iOS 14.5 release was remarkable for a number of reasons, but one that has gone mostly unreported is the Maps app. You may now report incidents to other Apple Maps users in real-time. This not only saves you time, energy, and money, but it also has the potential to save lives. For the time being, the function is only available in the United States and China, but it is likely to expand globally in the future.

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Report Incidents Using Apple Maps

Please keep in mind that any incident reporting should be done by someone who is not in the driver’s seat or while the vehicle is stopped! However, you can immediately report an incident while using turn-by-turn navigation in the automobile if a passenger is using Apple Maps (or you’re using it through CarPlay). Users in mainland China will see a different set of problems to report, and this is likely to continue in future international rollouts.

Reporting incidents in Apple Maps

Each mishap is self-evident, yet as a reminder:

  • This event type is best utilized for something that happens on the road or poses a risk to you or another driver. It could be a shard of rubber from another tire, a bit of debris from another vehicle, or something else.
  • Accident: This incident type is appropriate for anything from a tiny fender bender to a severe collision that obstructs or obstructs traffic.
  • While the usage of this feature to help prevent being caught in a speed trap is somewhat contentious, there are still many Apple users who will enjoy it.

Report Incident While Using Turn-by-Turn Navigation

1: Tap the “Report” button on the turn-by-turn navigation screen by swiping up from the bottom.

Report button

2: You can now select from a variety of occurrence kinds, such as a speed check, danger, accident, or roadwork, among others. To better assist other drivers, try to place the pin as close to the scene of the accident as feasible.

Selecting incidents types

Report Incident While Using Apple Maps

Even if you aren’t traveling, you can report an incident immediately, which is useful for everyone who walks or rides their bike using maps.

Reporting Incidents in Apple Maps on mobile

1: In the upper-right corner of the map screen, tap the info I button.

2: Select “Report a problem,” and you’ll be sent to a screen that looks similar to what you’d see while traveling in Apple Maps.

3: Select Accident, Hazard, or Speed Check and, as before, carefully place the pin as close to the occurrence as possible. You can also add more information, such as photos or descriptions, to help other drivers avoid the locations you’ve highlighted.

Report Incident Using Siri

Because anybody driving on the road should strive to avoid using their smartphones with their hands, Apple has ensured that Siri can assist in reporting any mishaps. Siri is simple to use and should be familiar to anyone who has ever used Apple’s voice assistant.

Reporting Incidents in Apple Maps using Siri

Begin by saying “Hey Siri,” and then one of the following phrases:

  • There’s a speed check
  • There’s something in the path
  • There’s an accident on the road
  • There’s a crash coming up ahead
  • There’s a hazard on the road

It should work as long as any variation of the above is near enough, and Siri will immediately submit the occurrence to the map.

Report Incident Using CarPlay

It’s just as simple to report an incident with CarPlay as it is with an iPhone.

Reporting incidents in CarPlay Apple Maps

The I button for the incident will appear when you are in the turn-by-turn navigation interface. Choose between Accident, Hazard, or Speed Check by tapping that button. After you’ve submitted your report, any hazard or accident will be marked on the map with an icon. While using directions, a speed check report will issue a message.

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Apple Maps has come a long way since it was initially released to the public. The navigation scene has changed dramatically since Google Maps was the obvious leader. Apple Maps and Google Maps both provide a similar yet distinct experience, while Waze remains focused on attracting users from both platforms. What’s your map app of choice?

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