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Software requirement management tools Stack Course [FREE]

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Free Certification Course Title: Software requirement management tools Stack Course [FREE]

This is a course to introduce you to tools which are used for managing software requirements or rather any requirements programming all in one complete Stack course

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Learn Free Certification Course Title: Software requirement management tools  stack all in one complete course

You will learn about

Basics of requirements management and importance of using tools for managing requirements.

Requirements management is the process of how companies specify, manage, verify, and validate ideas. This process can be done efficiently and accurate only with the correct and best tools. So that the stakeholders are clear about every part of lifecycle from the beginning till the end of the project

Product quality depends on the requirements quality, and it is very cheap to design good requirements rather than realising this at a later stage of the project

Many defects/bugs/problems can be avoided if we write good requirements for which the tools should be able to support it.

Like linking requirements to tests are a fundamental functionality which every requirement management tool should provide

Many projects face issues or fail due to very low quality or unclear requirements. Many developers know this issue as they are the ones who have to understand and implement. When they read the requirements which are ambiguous, they implement a wrong or partially wrong product/software which causes waste time and hence money

So it is important to select the right tool for requirements management which provides the best functionalities and features

JIRA requirements management tool

Windchill RV&S requirements management tool also called PTC Integrity

DOORS requirements management tool

Enterprise Architect requirements management tool

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Requirements management tools
  • Learn about the advantages of different tools used for requirement management
  • Importance of using tools to write good requirements
  • Tools are an important factor in requirements quality and hence the product


  • You will learn different types of Software requirement management tools
  • No programming experience required , useful for anyone who is in the tech industry

Who this course is for:

  • Software engineers
  • Requirement Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Solution Architects

This course includes:

  • 31min of on-demand video

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