4 Ways to Add Border to Video on Mobile and Desktop

Have you ever seen individuals on social networking platforms put a border to their video? Adding a border not only helps you create a more vibrant social media feed but also fixes automatic cropping difficulties that consumers, particularly on Instagram, suffer. Whatever the case may be if you want to easily add a border to video on mobile and desktop, here are a few options that help you to get the job done.

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Adding Border to Videos on Any Platform

Next to the app’s name, I’ve placed the platform’s name. As a result, you’ll be able to see if the program supports adding a border to movies on your device and operating system.

1. Squaready for Video‬ (iOS)

Squaready is the #1 pick for most iOS users if you’re searching for an app that just adds a border to movies. Using the pinch zoom in/out tool, you can easily create borders and alter the background color. Aside from the color selection, you may also use the video as a blurred background.

For iOS users, Squaready offers three export methods. It’s possible to save it as a movie, a still image, or a live photo.

Squaready for Video‬

You may also add strips to the borders and adjust the boundaries (curve, edgy). It also offers a built-in editing tool for making last-minute adjustments. Although the app is free, it is limited to Instagram’s 1:1 aspect ratio. With the $5 one-time price for the pro edition, you may access all aspect ratios. This also gets rid of those bothersome banner adverts.

Get Squaready for Video‬ for iOS

2. New Border (Android)

When I need to add borders to videos, I utilize a New Border. It’s an Android app that works well with both photographs and movies. The simplicity of use, with all the options, neatly set out on a single screen, is the selling point. You may submit videos in several aspect ratios, including 16:9, 9:16, 3:4, 4:3, 3:2, and 2:3.

New Border to add a border to the video

From the home screen, you can also alter the radius (to make the borders circular) and the margin size (to vary the video’s size). Finally, the New Border lets you pick from a palette of video border colors. The app’s pro edition costs $4/one-time purchase if you want to access the color picker and aspect ratio tool.

Get New Border app for Android

3. Kapwing (Web)

It’s a free online application for editing photos, movies, and GIFs. It does not need registration, so you may begin editing instantly and anonymously. You have a 250 MB upload limit and may export videos that are up to 7 minutes long. Let’s look at how to use Kapwing to create a border to a video.

1. Go to Lapwing’s website and click the Edit button. It will lead you to the video file upload screen, where you may drag & drop the file or click to upload it. The final option, paste the video URL, allows you to submit a video directly from a link. Keep in mind, though, that the film is limited to 7 minutes.

Submit video directly from a link on Kapwing

2. You may apply boundaries to a video by simply sliding the video’s edges in and out to shrink it. You may change the thickness of the borders this way. If you want to get that appearance, you may use the Edit panel to taper the corners and around the edges.

Kapwing app's border feature

3. Now that you’ve finished editing the film itself, it’s time to work on the borders. To do so, simply click on the blank canvas to bring up the Canvas tab on the right. You may modify the aspect ratio, add extra border padding to the top and sides, and change the color of the border.

When you’re happy with the results, go to the top and select Export Video to save the video to your computer.

Kapwing studio

Visit Kapwing

4. Canva: Add Border Video Mobile Desktop

Canva is a must-have program for everyone who modifies both photographs and videos. It may be accessed from both a mobile and a desktop computer. Furthermore, the free edition has all the functionality you’ll ever require.

1. Open the Canva app or use the web browser to download and execute it. Then go to Video and pick your preferred video aspect ratio.

Canva Windows app homepage

2. Before you can edit the video and add a border, you must first upload it to Canva. To do so, go to the left sidebar and select Upload media from the Uploads menu. Now navigate to the video’s destination and upload it.

Add border to videos using Canva

3. The video will appear under the Videos tab in the Uploads section. To open the video in the editing tab, click on it. You can move the video around by dragging it. Furthermore, if you want larger borders, simply hold the video frame’s end and shrink the video.

Canva allows you to add stickers, text and even offers a stock image search button if you want to use photographs or logos in the video.

If you’d rather use vibrant colors than boring old white borders, the color tab (top) has a large color palette to choose from.

Add border to video on Mac

Get Canva for Windows | Mac | Web

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Conclusion: Add Border to Video on Mobile and Desktop

I recommend obtaining a subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple’s Final Cut Pro if you want to edit films and apply borders on a regular basis. These two professional video editing programs let you establish a template, handle several file types, do color correction, and much more. If that isn’t the case, Canva is a terrific all-around choice because it syncs your projects across numerous platforms.

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