10 Best Dark Mode Reader Firefox Add-ons

Despite the fact that Firefox has a smaller user base than Google Chrome, many people use dark mode reader Firefox add-ons to read webpages, watch movies, and so forth. Dark mode may keep your eyes pleasant if you spend a lot of time within Firefox. Dark mode reader Firefox add-ons also aid restful sleep. Almost any software and browser, including Mozilla Firefox, may now be customized with a dark theme or mode. Check out the following list of the top dark mode reader Firefox add-ons for everyday use if you want to learn more. If you are a Google Chrome browser user then you should check 10 Best Must-Have Chrome Extensions that will boost your activity.

Dark Mode Reader Firefox Add-ons

It’s not as if you have to use them all. Instead, you check out a few and see which Firefox dark reader add-on best suits your needs.

1. Wikipedia Dark Mode Reader Firefox Add-ons

The Wikipedia Dark Mode add-on for Firefox, as the name implies, only enables dark mode on Wikipedia’s official website. You can get this add-on if you spend a lot of time reading Wikipedia articles for any reason and wish to work in an atmosphere that doesn’t strain your eyes. Because there is no option to alter the UI, it is the simplest add-on. After you’ve installed it, go to any Wikipedia page and look for the dark reading interface.

Wikipedia Dark Mode


  • Only on Wikipedia does it work
  • There is no simple way to turn on or off dark mode.
  • There is no way to change the settings.
  • No option to dim the image.

Get Wikipedia Dark Mode for Firefox

2. Dark Theme for YouTube

Although YouTube has a native option to choose the dark mode, you can get the same effect with this browser add-on. It can be stressful at times to respond to all the comments on your YouTube video, and it can eventually harm your eyes. If you don’t want to utilize the built-in option for any reason, you can use the Dark Theme for YouTube Firefox add-on to enable the dark theme.

Dark Theme for YouTube


  • There is no way to customize it.
  • Enable/disable with a single click
  • On YouTube, it works great.
  • It does not reduce the brightness of video.

Get Dark Theme for YouTube

3. Turn Off the Lights for Firefox

Before we get into the functionality, it’s important to note that this dark reader add-on for Firefox comes with a plethora of customization choices. Although it does not convert your web pages to black and white right away, it dims the brightness to reduce eye strain. The functionality can be enabled or disabled using a simple icon. You will have a lot better experience if you modify the add-on.

Turn Off the Lights for Firefox

You may schedule the add-on, establish a whitelist/blacklist of websites, and customize the text, hyperlinks, and background color, among other features. The most crucial feature is the ability to enable dark reading mode on a specific webpage rather than the entire website.


  • Setup is simple.
  • Customizations
  • The ability to dull a webpage
  • Schedule
  • Instead of applying to the entire site, apply only to a specific webpage.

Get Turn Off the Lights for Firefox

4. Super Dark Mode Reader Firefox Add-ons

It, like the majority of the other Firefox dark reader add-ons on this list, has a few choices for controlling everything from your end. For example, in Firefox, you may plan dark reader mode to save time, easily turn on/off the dark mode, and so on.

Super dark mode reader Firefox add-ons

It has a dark mode for several predefined websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit, among others. If you want to use the same dark mode rather than a different one, you can do so in the Preferences. On the other hand, you can modify each dark mode kind to meet your own needs.


  • Each website has its own dark mode.
  • Dark reading mode is turned on and off automatically.

Get Super Dark Mode for Firefox

5. Owl

Owl is yet another dark reader Firefox add-on that you may install to enable Firefox’s dark mode. You can create a dark reading environment for anything, whether you’re reading articles or editing documents in Google Docs. And you may enable dark mode for local PDFs that you can open with the Firefox browser, which is a wonderful feature.

Owl best dark mode reader

You can add websites to a whitelist or blacklist, turn on dark mode automatically when the computer starts up, apply classic themes on specific websites, etc.


  • For local PDFs and documents, enables dark reader mode.
  • Make a whitelist and a blacklist of websites.
  • Owl will be enabled immediately when the computer starts up.
  • There is no option to schedule.

Get Owl for Firefox

6. Dark Mode Ultimate

In terms of features, Dark Mode Ultimate is nearly comparable to Super Dark Mode. The former Firefox add-on, on the other hand, allows you to configure preset dark settings for a single website, whereas this one does not. As a result, you can use several dark modes on different websites, and you can set or disable them from the Preferences menu.

Dark mode ultimate

Almost any website will look great in dark mode. Even after enabling the dark reading mode with this add-on, you will enjoy a better reading experience because it does not employ the ‘invert colors’ method.


  • There is no option to schedule.
  • Use various dark modes on various websites.
  • Allow a website to utilize a standard theme by adding it to a whitelist.
  • Enable/disable with a single click
  • Because it does not invert colors, it provides a better reading experience.

Get Dark Mode Ultimate for Firefox

7. Dark Background and Light Text

It provides a sophisticated set of options to improve Firefox’s dark mode experience. Users can set a custom color for the background, text, hyperlink, and so on using Dark Background and Light Text. Invert color, Stylesheet Processor, Simple CSS, and other dark mode choices are available for each website. These are just some fancy names for distinct styling, for your information.

Dark Background and Light Text


  • There is no option to schedule.
  • Make your own dark mode theme.
  • Enable/disable with a single click
  • Colors are inverted.

Get Dark Background and Light Text for Firefox

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8. Dark Theme

You’ll never know how many dark themes/modes there are if you don’t install this add-on. It has over forty different dark modes that users can choose between to have a better experience while reading articles for longer periods of time.

Dark Theme

On the front, there is only one choice to enable or disable dark mode. You must open the respective options if you wish to change the brightness, contrast, or overall dark theme preferences.


  • There are almost 40 different dark options to choose from.
  • On a given webpage, enable dark mode.
  • Enable/disable with a single click

Get Dark Theme for Firefox

9. Dark Mode

Almost all the features of the Dark Theme add-on for Firefox are available in Dark Mode. Both dark reader add-ons have approximately the same number of dark mode types, features, choices, and so on. To put it another way, it’s the same product in a new container.

Dark mode reader Firefox add-ons

When it comes to features and choices, there are numerous dark mode varieties to choose from (textures, different color variants, etc.). For all websites, you may also design a custom theme. It works on practically any website that a typical user visits to read articles or watch videos, in terms of compatibility.


  • On a webpage, there is no option to dim images.
  • On/off with a single click
  • A distinct theme for each website
  • Type of dark mode you want

Get Dark Mode for Firefox

10. Dark Reader

Dark Reader is the greatest dark mode Firefox add-on, allowing users to create a more conducive reading environment. It works wonderfully on Firefox, just as the Google Chrome variant. There’s brightness and contrast control, grayscale, a keyboard shortcut to switch between settings, and so on. You can also make a list of websites that you don’t wish to see in dark mode.

Dark Reader


  • Enabling/disabling with a keyboard shortcut
  • Brightness and contrast can be customized
  • Site-specific configurations
  • Settings for importing and exporting

Get Dark Reader for Firefox

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Wrapping up: Dark Mode Reader Firefox Add-Ons

It is preferable to use a dark mode reader add-on in the Firefox browser if you do not want to suffer eye strain from staring at a bright computer screen for lengthy periods of time. We’ve gone over a number of add-ons that provide various options. It’s a good idea to double-check them before moving on to the next one.

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