Top 4 Apps for Texting Between Android and iPhone

The majority of iOS users depend on iMessages to communicate with their friends and family. The issue is that you can’t send messages to others who are using Android. What method do you use to test them? Outside the Apple environment, iMessage is not available. Android users are not immune to the issues. They are also unable to send SMS messages to iOS users. Today, we’ll show you some apps for texting between Android and iPhone users to text each other.

Apps for Texting Between Android and iPhone

These apps send messages over the internet and require a separate app rather than the standard messaging software that comes preinstalled on your phone. For iPhone users, this is iMessage, while for Android users, this is Messages. For this to work, you’ll need an active and stable internet connection. On the plus side, you receive a slew of extra capabilities that you might not find in your usual text messaging programs. Android users, in particular. Let’s begin.

1. Signal (For Privacy and Security)

The signal is one of the most secure and private texting apps accessible on mobile devices, as recommended by none other than Edward Snowden. It is entirely open-source and supported entirely by donations. The organization behind it is a non-profit. That’s how most government apps should work. There are no advertisements, trackers, or anything like that. Furthermore, the software is entirely free. It’s just you and your family.

Signal UI

Text messages can be sent from Android to iPhone and vice versa. That’s not all, though. You can also use the service to make voice and video calls. What matters most is that all communications and calls are encrypted end-to-end, both at rest and in transit. There are very few apps, if any, about which you can confidently state that.

The signal does not save any data on its servers, so there will be no record of your messages on your phone. Something to think about. One of the safest ways to text between an Android and an iPhone.


  • In transit and at rest, all data is encrypted.
  • Messages that are self-destructive
  • Attachments
  • Secure and private


  • None

Download Signal: Android | iOS

2. WhatsApp (By Popularity)

It’s the texting or messaging app that almost everyone you know uses. It is one of the earliest free cross-platform texting apps that really worked. WhatsApp is fully encrypted, but its acquisition and subsequent policy change by Facebook have sparked many questions. In terms of functionalities, WhatsApp supports both texting and audio/video calling between Android and iOS devices. You can also attach files, send images, and even share your current position.


WhatsApp is noted for its simplicity, with all of your saved contacts appearing automatically inside the programme. They just added support for micropayments in certain underdeveloped nations, and there are various choices for controlling who can see what in your profile.


  • Share your current location.
  • Make a payment
  • Encrypted
  • Everyone uses it.
  • Businesses in the area


  • Limits on group, media, file size

Download WhatsApp: Android | iOS

3. Telegram (For Startups)

Telegram earned a reputation for itself by providing speedy, open-source, and encrypted text chat services for Android and iOS users. Whereas other apps have a limit on how many members you can join groups, the size of media assets you can attach, and so on, Telegram does not. A group can have up to 200,000 members, and there are no restrictions on file kind or size. That’s both unusual and generous. Bots may be used to automate jobs and manage groups, which is another unique function.

Telegram app for texting between Android and iPhone

Telegram is an encrypted messaging app that is popular among blockchain, startup, and tech communities. In reality, because they refused to comply with governmental surveillance requests, their founders were compelled to relocate their business outside of Russia.

The state, needless to say, failed. Telegram also has desktop applications. One of the most convenient methods to text between an Android and an iPhone. However, when it comes to ultimate anonymity and security, Telegram lags below Signal


  • Roles, bots
  • The file size restriction for groups is rather huge.
  • In transit and at rest, all data is encrypted.
  • Private rooms with their own entrance


  • None

Download Telegram: Android | iOS

4. Discord (For Gamers)

By adding servers into the picture, Discord interrupted the messaging between Android and iPhone users. After you’ve set up your own server, you can start creating channels that are focused on various themes. The study, sports, dorm room, water cooler, weekend, party, and more things could come up if you’re a student. This allows you to divide a big group into smaller specialist groups, resulting in less congested and ordered chat rooms.


You may assign members to multiple channels (and positions such as admin) as required, giving you additional control. Discord, like Telegram, is driven by bots that enable automation. I enjoy the live audio chat rooms where anyone may drop in and leave a voice message or simply converse. There’s no need to call. Discord was created with both small and big groups in mind.

Discord also integrates with a number of third-party programs, like Spotify, Steam, Facebook, Twitter, and others, allowing users to access everything from a single interface. Students and gamers alike love it. Discord, like Telegram, offers a plethora of bots to discover.

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  • Integration of third-party apps
  • Increasing the size of the group and the attachment
  • Roles, bots
  • Dedicated spaces
  • Make a server


  • None

Download Discord: Android | iOS

Final Words: Apps Texting Between Android and iPhone

Text, audio, and video calls may be sent between Android and iOS using any of the aforementioned text messaging applications. These applications are delivering new and unique features to attract consumers with specific requirements in order to differentiate and stand out. Choose a messaging app that meets your requirements and allows you to express yourself in the most effective way possible. You may also utilize many text messaging apps. There isn’t one.

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