7 Best HIIT Workout Apps for Mobile and Smartwatch

Want to be in shape but don’t have much time on your hands? Workouts that include HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) can help you achieve your goals in less time. Simply described, it entails a series of strenuous workouts completed in a short amount of time with even fewer rest periods. So, if you’re looking for the best HIIT workout apps for your mobile and smartwatch (wrist), here are a few to consider.

Why HIIT Workout Apps on Mobile and Smartwatch

If you haven’t heard about the advantages of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), here are some useful facts. We’ve already discussed 5K running applications, 10K running apps, and even fitness apps for Apple Watch. Several studies have demonstrated that it improves cardiovascular health, blood sugar levels, and fat-targeting effectiveness.

There is also mounting evidence that high-intensity interval training is preferable to moderate-intensity activities in terms of obtaining healthy results.

1. Freeletics Training Coach

Getting a decent training regimen for HIIT workouts can be hard if you’re a newbie. Freeletics makes it simple with a guided audio coach that keeps you moving at all times. You must first register and set up the app by providing basic information as well as goals such as weight loss, fitness improvement, stress relief, and so on.

Because you must personalize the program, each user receives their own set of fitness plans and activities to complete.

Freeletics Training Coach

Freeletics’ AI collects feedback in the first week, which is another reason it’s perfect for novices. This allows the app to alter and tailor training regimens for individual users. Freeletics allows you access to over 20 workouts and audio sessions; but, to use the training coach, you must pay for the pro version ($34.99/3 months).


  • AI-assisted audio coaching
  • Training sessions tailored to your needs
  • Feed for social media
  • Apple Watch is supported.


  • Setup takes a long time.
  • There is no choice but a one-month plan.

Get Freeletics Training Coach for (iOS | Android)

2. HIIT | Down Dog

In our list of Yoga apps for mobile, I previously mentioned Down Dog. The same creator created the HIIT training app, which is just as good as the well-praised yoga software. You begin by creating a profile, the same as you did with the prior app. If you’re a beginner, you can start at level 0 and work your way up.

Down Dog HIIT workout App for mobile and smartwatch

You can customize the length of each workout, the rest interval, and the voice coach you want to work with. Down Dog makes creating fitness routines enjoyable. If you’re unsure, you can select from a variety of training settings such as fat burn, total body shred, and so on. If not, create your own workout by combining cardio, leg, upper body, core, and glutes movements. It has a free trial period of 25 days and then costs $7.99 per month after that.


  • Training videos of excellent quality
  • Workouts that are completely personalized
  • Various music genres are available.


  • An app that costs money
  • High bandwidth is required.

Get HIIT | Down Dog for (iOS | Android)

3. J&J Official 7-Minute Workout‬

When it comes to HIIT workouts, are you someone who swears by science? Chris Jordan, head of exercise physiology at Johnson Human Performance Institute, created the 7-Minute Workout app. Because your only resistance is your body weight, this activity is also known as the hotel room workout. As a result, these workouts may be done anywhere and at any time, leaving no room for laziness.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

Choose from a conventional 7-minute workout (more than 9 minutes with warm-up), a smart workout function that adapts to your current fitness level, or a training library. The program includes an animated demo figure as well as a timer for beginners. Overall, there are over 70 programs and 20 presets to select from, so you can mix and match to build your own personalized fitness routine.


  • Science backs it up
  • There are no in-app purchases.
  • No advertisements.
  • There are multiple time options to fulfil the needs of the users (7 to 32 minutes).
  • Supports Apple Watch (with workout animation)


  • It is not recommended for users who enjoy running.
  • The rest/exercise circuit is pre-programmed, therefore it’s not very adaptable.

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4. HIIT Workouts and Timer

In-app purchases are available in all of the HIIT training apps for mobile and smartwatches listed above. The J&J 7-Minute Workout app is the only exception, although it’s pretty limited. HIIT Workouts and Timer not only has a greater selection of workouts, but it is also completely free and without commercials.

HIIT workouts and timer app user interface

You can choose from a variety of HIIT workout plans, such as Burn 100 (which tries to burn 100 calories), HIIT (10/15/21 minute training), and so on. All of the exercises are well-designed and include detailed instructions. Aside from that, you can adjust the rest time, the number of circuits, and the audible countdown timer, among other things.


  • The user interface is really straightforward (clean menu and workout list)
  • Instructions in detail


  • The app’s instruction video regularly fails to load.
  • Apple Watch isn’t supported.
  • There are advertisements on this page (not intrusive)

Get HIIT Workouts and Timer for (iOS | Android)

5. FitOn Workouts & Fit Plans

This software meets all of your needs, whether you want to work out alone, with your buddies, or as a leader of a large group. It is available on phones (iOS and Android), Apple Watches, Roku and Apple TVs, and even casting devices (Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, via Airplay, etc.). This distinguishes it from the other apps we’ve discussed so far. Chromecast’s support may be handy for those who exercise in their living rooms.

FitOn Workouts & Fit Plans

It’s the icing on the cake that all the workouts are led by trainers and are entirely free. You may search for meditation, yoga, Pilates, kid’s workouts, as well as HIIT workouts. When you start a HIIT workout, it shows you the target regions and the equipment you’ll need. Finally, if you don’t feel like working out on a given day, the party option allows you to video call your buddies. Isn’t it cool?


  • Free workouts
  • Option to set a workout reminder
  • There are blogs, meal plans, and workouts available.
  • Over a video call, work out with buddies.
  • Celebrity trainers’ videos


  • If you’re only looking for HIIT workouts, it’s a bit overwhelming.

Get FitOn Workouts & Fit Plans for (iOS | Android)

6. Intervals Pro HIIT Workout Apps

If you have an Apple smartwatch, consider yourself fortunate. For the Apple Watch, there are a plethora of workout apps. You can try some HIIT training applications described above, such as Freeletics, J&J 7-Minute Workout, and others. If that’s not enough, you’ll appreciate this useful Apple Watch standalone software called Intervals Pro.

Intervals Pro HIIT workout app for Apple Watch

Several training templates and jogging routines are included in one of the finest HIIT workout apps for the Apple Watch. Heart rate, as previously said, represents the influence of high intensity, low intensity, and rest time periods, and it can be tracked. So you can now simply leave your iPhone at home and work out with your Apple Watch alone.


  • Apple Watch app on its own
  • a variety of exercises (7 min, plank, mindfulness, 5K)
  • There are several voice guide options available.


  • Only the Pro version has Apple Health integration

Get Intervals for iOS

7. Interval Timer – HIIT Workout‪

We’ve previously discussed iPhone timer apps, but with HIIT, you’ll need a more customized timer app. The option to punch in the number of sets, interval duration, and low/high-intensity interval time, for example, is critical. As a result, when it comes to HIIT workouts, Interval Timer is a no-brainer.

The app allows you to set your initial interval to a low or high intensity if you like a steady increase in workout intensity.

Interval Timer HIIT Workout‪ App for mobile and smartwatch

You can not only change the variables listed above, but you can also save them as templates. There is a video commercial that appears as soon as you open the app, but it is the only one that is bothersome. For $2.5 more, you may upgrade and get rid of the advertising.


  • Designed for high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
  • All features are included in the free versions.
  • No obtrusive advertisements
  • Apple Watch is supported.


  • For some, the first set-up can be difficult.
  • At the start-up, there is a long video ad.

Get Interval Timer – HIIT Workout’s for (iOS | Android)

Closing Remarks: Best HIIT Workout Apps for Mobile and Smartwatch

Let’s suppose you’re familiar with HIIT workout apps for mobile and smartwatch. In that case, all you have to do is download the Interval Timer app to your Apple Watch, and you’re ready to go. Fit-On offers celebrity trainers and is available on most platforms if you need help. You can also make video calls to your friends, which is an unusual option. If you’re still not sure what HIIT is, have a look at our selection of calisthenics apps.

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