7 Best 5K Running Trainer Apps for iOS and Android

We’ve already discussed 10K running training applications. Professionals, on the other hand, frequently aim for such a long distance. It also requires a lot of time and effort to prepare. If you’re like me and don’t have a lot of free time, or if you’re a novice, aiming for 5K is a good idea. There are a plethora of 5K running trainer apps on the market. But which app is the best for a 5K run on a smartphone? So, let’s get this party started.

5K Running Trainer Apps for Beginners

1. Simple C25K

Simple C25K is a wonderful option if you want to avoid prying eyes. On F-Droid, it’s an open-source 5K training and running app (Android). Josh Clark’s couch to 5K workout program, which he devised in 1996, is the inspiration for the app. It includes a daily workout component that lasts for nine weeks. Furthermore, it vibrates after each successful interval. As a result, you won’t have to look at your phone as often.

Simple C25K

The app’s user interface appears to be outdated. You might find them archaic when compared to current fitness applications. It’s a terrific alternative for someone searching for bare-bones software with no ads, subscriptions, or additional planning programs.

Install Simple C25K for Android

2. Just Run: Zero to 5K

Although it is not open-source, the UI of Just Run is quite similar to that of the previous 5K running software. Depending on your fitness level, you must choose between a Zero to 5K or a 5K to 10K training program. Josh Clark’s couch to 5K program is also followed by the app. Furthermore, for a better overview, brisk walking, warm-ups, and runs are color-coded.

Just Run Zero to 5K

The halfway progress vibration, trainer voice options ($2.5), and the remove data capability are all useful features. Aside from that, it offers a FAQs section that will address all of your beginner queries, such as whether 5K is suited for you, how to warm up, what to do if you can’t complete a day’s progress, and so on.

Install Just Run: Zero to 5K for Android

3. 5K Runner

If you struggle with motivation on a regular basis, an audio coach may be able to help you break free. After completing one interval, the previous 5K training software simply provided audio instructions. 5K Runner, on the other hand, is continually showering words of encouragement at regular intervals. At the top, there’s also a Spotify and YouTube Music button. As a result, you may exercise while listening to your favorite music.

5k Runner Trainer App

Every successful run as a 5K runner will earn you achievement badges. The program includes a history feature that tracks your progress. So, should you go ahead and get a 5K Runner right now? If you want to pay, that is. It has an eight-week training schedule, but the free edition only gets you to week two. Everything else can be unlocked with a $3 one-time payment, which also removes the below banner advertising.

Install 5K Runner for (iOS | Android)

4. C25K – 5K Running Trainer App

C25K is the official Couch to 5K training and running app, which is used by the majority of the running community worldwide. Check out the C25K app’s user testimonials if you’re still not convinced. The software includes an 8-week training schedule. Once you’ve completed the activity, you may connect it to the MyFitnessPal app.

C25K – 5K Running Trainer App

The best aspect is that you can boost your run by listening to the Zen power playlist. You won’t need any other music player because it’s a built-in function. C25K Running Trainer costs $4.99 a month and includes calorie tracking, unlimited music, and professional running apps (10K,13.1K).

Install C25K – 5K Running Trainer for (iOS | Android)

5. Zombies Run! 5K Training App

Consider yourself one of the rare survivors of a zombie apocalypse on a post-apocalyptic planet. Yes, Zombies Run is just that, and it takes you through an 8-week training regimen that is identical to the other 5K training apps we covered before. It does, however, include an audio tour based on the zombie storyline. I’m sure it keeps your adrenaline pumping all the time.

Zombies Run! 5K Training App

The popular and distinctive 5K running and training software also includes an interactive map that monitors your runs and a progress report at the end of each one. It also supports Wear OS, allowing you to pair it with your smartwatch. If you’re interested in the plot and gamification, you can get all 25 workouts for $7.15 per month.

Install Zombies Run! 5K Training for (iOS | Android)

6. Nike Run Club (GPS Tracking)

I’m sure not everyone wants a 5K training coach. Most of you only require an app that uses your phone’s GPS to track your daily running efforts. We’ve discussed the greatest Android running applications, and Nike Run Club was our top pick. Audio guides from professional athletes are included in the app. You can choose between three different goals: distance, time, and speed. You only need to feed in 5K and you’re ready to go.

Nike Run Club (GPS Tracking)

The manual sign-in was the only annoyance I encountered. It would be fantastic if it enabled one-tap Google account sign-in. You may also play music from your local library and turn on milestone cheering to keep you motivated.

Install Nike Run Club for (iOS | Android)

7. RunGo Voice Guided Training

All of these 5K training programs are pointless if you’re not running on a nice trail on a regular basis. Let’s say you’ve just moved to a new city or want to try out road/gravel or off-road jogging. Hundreds of confirmed routes from runners all over the world are available on RunGo. You can even construct your own route.

There is a handy search option that allows you to browse for and download a trial version ahead of time. Check out these applications to find running trails around you if you’re seeking features like social feed, running challenges, social feed, and more.

Install RunGo Voice Guided Training for (iOS | Android)

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Closing Remarks: Best 5K Running Trainer Apps

I hope you were able to find a 5K training software that meets your needs and keeps you motivated. You can use any of the 5K running applications as long as you follow the advised 8-week regimen. However, I recommend trying the Zombie Run, which has a unique tale. It’s a novel notion that adds to the enjoyment of the runs.

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