Top 10 Microsoft Edge Themes to Download

Consumers are finally taking notice of Microsoft’s Edge browser. We’ve observed people prefer the default Windows 10 browser to rivals like Chrome and Firefox after switching to the industry-standard Chromium web engine. Microsoft deserves credit for its frequent and inventive improvements, which include Edge Collections, Edge themes, Sleeping tabs, and more. Today, we’ll talk about Microsoft Edge Themes and how to get them.

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Download Microsoft Edge Themes

Users can now utilize the Chrome Web store thanks to Microsoft’s transition to the Chromium platform. Microsoft, on the other hand, isn’t going to stop there. To download extensions and themes, the firm has created a dedicated Edge store.

Microsoft has upgraded the Edge browser to include cool-looking themes based on famous games from across the world. This isn’t the conclusion of the narrative. You may always go to the Chrome Web Store and choose from a selection of different themes. We’ve compiled a list of the best Microsoft Edge themes for you to download and try.

1. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most popular games currently available. With this Microsoft Flight Simulator theme download for Microsoft Edge, you may customize your browser.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

This theme alters the appearance of your browser and new tab page to provide a stunning and immersive visual experience based on the game. You may also apply various themes to each profile to make it easier to distinguish between home and school or work life.

Apply Microsoft Flight Simulator Theme

2. Halo: Microsoft Edge Theme

When I’m working late at night, I prefer this Microsoft Edge theme. It’s a stunning dark theme inspired by the well-known game.

Halo Theme for Microsoft Edge

The Master Chief Collection is the quintessential Halo gaming experience, whether you’re a long-time fan or encountering the iconic Spartan super-soldier for the first time.

Apply Halo theme

3. Satin Stacks

If you want a somewhat dimmer look, choose the Satin Stacks theme to give the Edge browser a facelift. The Microsoft 365 productivity pack served as inspiration for the theme.

The satin theme for the Edge

Apply Satin Stacks theme

4. Winter Horizon

Microsoft Edge’s Winter Horizon theme is a graphically appealing combination of gray/black colors and a cool racing car screenshot from the game.

Winter horizon theme for Microsoft Edge

Apply Winter Horizon theme

5. The Forest

This ORI and the Will of the Wisps theme for Microsoft Edge is a great way to personalize your browser. This one appeals to me because it has a gloomy theme as well as a forest-inspired green tint that matches my Mac’s default wallpaper.

The Forest Microsoft Edge theme

We’ve just discussed themes from the official Microsoft store so far. Let’s take a look at some of the Chrome Web Store’s best features. As previously stated, the new Edge browser is built on Chromium, which means it is fully compatible with Chrome extensions and themes.

Apply Forest theme

6. Oceanic Theme

This one, as the name implies, provides the user with oceanic views. The tabs and the new home page are transformed into an oceanic motif. Try it out by downloading it from the link below.

Oceanic theme

Apply Oceanic theme

7. A Spark

Spark is a fantastic Microsoft Edge browser wallpaper created by a third-party developer that blends in flawlessly with the rest of the Blue theme. If you have matching desktop wallpaper, I recommend applying it to the Edge browser as well.

Spark theme for edge

Apply Spark theme

8. Galaxy Aero

This one is for you, dark theme users. Microsoft Edge comes pre-installed with a dark theme, but this one goes a step further by using an AMOLED-friendly black theme.

Galaxy Aero

Apply Galaxy Aero theme

9. Pro Grey: Microsoft Edge Theme

Apply the Grey theme to give the monotonous White/Dark Microsoft Edge theme a visual makeover if you prefer a minimal look to the dreary White/Dark Microsoft Edge theme.

Pro Grey Microsoft Edge Theme

Apply Pro Grey theme

10. JLA for the Art Lover

DC fans, rejoice! This one is dedicated to you. The theme incorporates elements from the DC Comics universe and allows you to watch your favorite superhero on the Edge home screen.

JLA for the Art Lover

Apply JLA for the Art Lover theme

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Closing Remarks: Top Microsoft Edge Themes

Microsoft Edge is a delight to work with. If you want to improve your experience, even more, look through the themes listed above and apply them to your browser.

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