Best Sandbox Apps for Windows 10 to Keep You Safe

Sandbox Applications for Windows 10

Even while Windows 10 security has vastly improved over time, you can never be too cautious when installing unknown applications from the Internet, opening suspicious email attachments, and so on. Sandboxing comes very handily in this situation. A sandbox is a virtual environment in which you can install and operate new or untrustworthy software without … Read more

5 Free Scrivener Alternatives to Manage Writing Projects

Free Scrivener Alternatives to Manage Writing Projects

The majority of professionals would tell you that Scrivener is the best novel writing software. Although it is not free, it is also a popular tool for organizing research for most writing assignments. While free Scrivener alternatives aren’t always as powerful as paid Scrivener alternatives, they can help you get similar results without spending any … Read more

5 Best Radio Apps for iPhone

Radio Apps for iPhone

Everyone has switched to music streaming services like Spotify, YouTube Music, or Apple Music in the year 2022. However, there is one type of software that hasn’t lost its appeal: radio. These internet-based radio apps let you listen to stations from all over the world, from anywhere and at any time. For iPhone users, the … Read more

Bitwarden vs 1Password: Better Password Manager

Bitwarden vs 1Password

The first piece of software I recommend most people install on their devices is a password manager. To save personal information, most users rely on Chrome’s default password manager or iCloud Keychain. There are, however, other capable password managers that provide greater features and cross-platform compatibility. LastPass used to be our go-to choice, but it’s … Read more