How to Use Shazam and Find Songs Playing on Snapchat

Snapchat boasts a slew of unique features, like lenses, filters, Bitmoji, games, and more, that make it a fun app to use. I recently discovered that you can use Shazam to find songs playing both outside and inside Snapchat. Shazam has been integrated into Snapchat. However, there is no easy way to tell which songs are playing in the background of other people’s Snapchat stories, or in-app. I discovered a way to both discover songs playing on Snapchat and around you after some testing. Let’s get started.

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Shazam and Find Songs Playing on Snapchat

1. How to Shazam a Song on Snapchat

Snapchat has a native partnership with Shazam that allows users to find songs within the app. It’s designed to help you easily find songs playing in the background while you’re out having fun at a party or club. You can identify the music and include a sticker in your tale to alert others to the song that is now playing.

Simply open the Shazam app and press and hold the empty screen to enable Shazam to identify the song on Snapchat.

Identify a song in Snapchat with Shazam

Shazam will retrieve the song in a few seconds and display it as a card on your Snapchat Stories. This solution works with the Snapchat app on both Android and iOS.

Song card in Snapchat

2. How to Find a Song Playing on Snapchat Using Shazam on Snapchat

It’s simple to find songs playing in your immediate vicinity. However, how do you locate a song playing within a Snapchat Story on a friend’s profile? There are ways to get around this, however, the methods for Android and iPhone are different.

Use Shazam in Snapchat to Find Songs On iPhone

The music recognition is now integrated into the iOS itself, thanks to Apple’s acquisition of Shazam. Shazam is a built-in feature in iOS 14 that allows you to recognize music. The feature works flawlessly, regardless of the app you’re using to listen to music.

To begin, go to the Control Center in the Settings app and enable Shazam. Scroll down to Control Center in Settings. Tap the + button next to “Music Recognition” to enable Shazam from the list of options.

Enable music recognition in iOS

Simply open the Snapchat Story that contains the song you want to identify with Shazam. On your iPhone, go to Control Center and tap the Shazam button. It would play the audio from the Snapchat story and display the results on the notification shade.

Simply press the notification to launch Apple Music or Spotify and listen to the music.

Music recognition in the control center

Use Shazam in Snapchat to Find Songs On Android

On Android, the mechanism for identifying music isn’t as user-friendly as it is on the iPhone. Shazam, on the other hand, can recognize songs from any app. To make it work, you’ll need to download the Shazam app to your Android phone.

On the home page of Shazam after installation, you’ll see the option “Shazam from Pop-Up.” If you don’t see it there, go to Settings and look for it.

Shazam from a pop-up in android

Allowing permissions to draw over apps would prompt you. This permission would allow Shazam to develop a little button that sits on top of every app and allows you to Shazam any song by just pressing the button. Enable Shazam from Pop-Up in the Settings.

Enable Shazam option to find songs playing in Snapchat

Following that, you’ll notice a floating Shazam button on the screen. This button can be used to activate the microphone and identify a song.

To begin, open a Snapchat story that contains the music you want to identify and touch the Shazam button. You’d get an instant result in the form of a chat bubble, which you could then add to your playlist using the Shazam app.

Shazam button to Find Songs Playing on Snapchat

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Conclusion: Shazam and Find Songs Playing on Snapchat

These are the various methods for finding and identifying songs on Snapchat. The built-in approach is adequate and works well on both Android and iOS. On Android, however, the music identification method for finding songs from other apps is a little problematic. Shazam for Android picks up sounds from the speaker using the microphone, which results in poor recognition. This is not the case with iPhone, as iOS uses software to listen to sounds emitted by apps and provides more accurate results. What are your thoughts? Do you use Shazam to search for music in your Snapchat stories as well? Tell us in the comments below.

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