VideoProc Review: A Closer Look at The Screen Recorder

It’s easier than ever to create content on your PC. Good screen capturing software is essential whether you’re a skilled player or just a professor seeking a means to capture your screen. While there are plenty of apps that accomplish the job, VideoProc touts itself as a straightforward alternative to the sophisticated software found in larger studios. In the VideoProc review, I’ll evaluate that screen recorder software from the perspective of a user and share my findings. Let’s get started.

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VideoProc Screen Recorder Review

What’s VideoProc?

VideoProc is a multi-purpose program that can convert DVDs and Blu-ray discs to computer-friendly formats, rip titles to your computer, download videos from the internet, and record your screen. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. I’ve already reviewed all the features in a separate review, which you can find here: VideoProc Review.

VideoProc screen recorder software on Mac

Key Features

The Screen Recorder is a remarkable tool that allows you to record your screen, add commentary using the webcam and mic, and record your iPhone all in one app. You can record audio from your audio equipment, such as an external microphone or sound from your pickup system, or both. The recording interface is straightforward to understand, with no intimidating buttons.

Here’s a quick rundown of VideoProc’s screen recording features.

  • Screen recording in full resolution
  • Recording in native resolution
  • Recording at 30 frames per second
  • Sounds from the recording system
  • Use a webcam and microphone to provide audio comments.
  • Capture the screen of your iPhone.
  • Take screenshots of mouse clicks
  • On the computer, there are recordings.

Start Screen Recording

VideoProc is straightforward to set up; there are no convoluted settings, menu buttons, or anything like that. Simply launch the app, grant all necessary permissions, and press the record button.

Record button in VideoProc screen recorder

1. Record Screen With Internal Audio

After a brief countdown, VideoProc will begin collecting your screen, and you can even record internal sound in addition to mic sounds. The good news is that you can’t record system audio with the macOS internal screen recording feature, at least not without using third-party software.

Recording screen with internal audio

2. Record Webcam and Add Commentary

You can either record your footage as a single video or overlay it on the screen recording with the webcam. The overlay window floats on top of the Mac screen window, and you can move it around the display area by dragging it around. The webcam overlay, on the other hand, cannot be resized.

Recording webcam footage as commentary on Videoproc

Screen recording with camera overlay enabled is a useful feature for anyone looking for a one-click solution that captures both internal and mic sounds at the same time. You may concentrate on the content while VideoProc takes care of the video.

3. Record iPhone Screen

If you want to record your iPhone screen to contribute to your material on a regular basis, VideoProc can do that as well. This function is only available on Mac, and you can use your external microphone to provide an audio commentary. The best part is that you don’t need to install any drivers or go through any difficult installations to use this feature.

Recording iPhone screens with Videoproc

There’s also no need to export the screen recordings from the iPhone manually. The Mac saves all of the screen records.

Find the Saved Recordings

By default, after recording the screen, the recordings are saved in the Movies folder. By pressing the browse button on the right pane, you can change the directory at any time. Simply click the open button next to browse to get to the folder where all the recordings are saved. The right pane also has a list of all recent recordings, which you can preview by clicking on the thumbnail.

Browsing files saved on Mac

The files are in MOV format, and a typical one-minute screen recording with webcam overlay and audio input occupies about 150 MB of storage.

Price of VideoProc Screen Recorder

A DVD ripper, video converter, video downloader, and screen recorder are all included in VideoProc. For one device, you can choose between a one-year and a lifetime license. You’ll also get a 7-day free trial to see if it’s right for you.

  • One-Year license: $29.95
  • Lifetime license: $37.95
  • 5 Device family license: $57.95

Checkout VideoProc

Final Verdict: VideoProc Screen Recorder Review

VideoProc comes with a useful set of utilities that allow users to easily organize their movie and television collections, download videos from the internet, and record their screens. The screen recording tool is simple to use and requires no configuration. You’re ready to go once you’ve pressed the record button. Check out VideoProc if you need an exceptionally simple interface to instantly capture your Mac’s screen with overlay and voice commentary.

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