Apps in M1 iPad Pros Limited to Using 5 GB RAM

With the addition of the M1 chip, the new iPad Pros were just released in configurations up to 16 GB RAM. While it may appear that having complete power would be fantastic, this is not the case. iPadOS restricts programs to a maximum of 5 GB RAM on iPads and iPad Pros with M1 processors. You’ve just squandered all of your newfound power. We’ll see what apps in M1 iPad Pros are limited to using 5 GB RAM.

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Discovery of 5 GB Limitation on iPad Apps

The new iPad Pros were revealed in late April, and there was a lot of buzz about how the strong M1 chip would increase their performance. This gives the tablets 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, and 2 TB of storage, as well as 8 GB and 16 GB of RAM. However, app developers are learning that their programs can’t utilize all of that capability. iPadOS is limited to all apps using only 5 GB, even on M1 iPad Pros, because other iPads are limited to 6 GB. You’re wasting all that power if you’re the proud new owner of a new M1 iPad Pro.

The developer of the Artstudio Pro software stated on the Procreate forum that the M1 iPad Pros aren’t utilizing 100% of their power, regardless of configuration. If you try to use more than 5 GB, the apps will crash.

“There is a major issue with the M1 iPad Pro. After stress testing and other tests on the new M1 iPad Pro with 16 GB of RAM, it was discovered that the software can only use 5 GB of RAM! If we allocate extra memory, the program will crash. It’s only 0.5 GB more than the 6 GB RAM in older iPads! “I assume it’s not much better on an iPad with 8 GB,” the developers added.

“I would have assumed that the 16 GB M1 iPad might gain more layers/dimensions than I can currently appear to see with this update?” said Procreate on Twitter. “As of now, all M1 iPads have the same amount of RAM accessible,” he says. As soon as we have additional information, we’ll let you know.”

M1 iPad Pros 5 GB usage

While the extra power does not allow apps to have more memory on their own, it does allow them to have more apps open in the background. Individual apps cannot access all of the RAM available to IPadOS. M1 makes it speedier, but not as quickly as it could be.

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Could iPadOS 15 Change This?

The WWDC is one week away, thanks to the finding that the new M1 iPad Pros aren’t using all the memory they’ve been allotted and are limited to 5 GB RAM. Apple usually announces the upcoming versions of iOS, iPad OS, and macOS and makes them available to developers before officially launching them in September. Will there be an update to iPadOS that makes it easier to utilize the M1? Certainly, users and developers hope so.

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Wrap up: Apps M1 iPad Pros 5 GB

Read on to read about other M1 issues, such as third-party iOS apps crashing M1-equipped Macs, as well as the M1’s success in running Windows 10 faster than a Surface Pro X.

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