8 Best Apps for Rappers on iOS and Android

While most music genres use both words and music, the rap genre places a greater emphasis on words and storytelling. To make the wordplay sound smooth, a rap artist must focus on finding the correct beat, rhyme scheme, and probably a solid vocabulary. Perfection can take time, but there are tools that can help you along the way. So, on iOS and Android, here are some of the finest apps for rappers. Are you curious to learn more about them? Let’s get this party started.

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Best Apps for Rappers to Improve Skills

1. Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker

You may use a variety of tools to make loops, add effects, and record audio. Groovepad is one such rap program that is simple to learn and use.

Groovepad beat app for rappers iOS and android

Choose a bundle or sound to get started composing music. Hip-hop, trap, EDM, Techno, and other genres are only a few examples. You can also listen to a sample of each pack’s audio by using the play button on the thumbnail. After you’ve downloaded the sound, it’ll display a list of the sounds in the pack, which you may click to activate. Remember that these are already in time, so there’s no need to worry about being out of sync. The app also allows you to record and export audio, allowing you to use it with any production software or simply brainstorm ideas while listening to music.

You can also apply special effects like flanger and reverb, as well as filters, in addition to sounds. If you want to look through all of your recorded tracks, head to the My Records area. Although the app exports in.wav format, you can also use mp3 to reduce file size.

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2. Lyric Notepad

Every musician must write, but rappers must write significantly more. Lyric Notepad is one of the most useful tools for rappers who want to keep track of all their songs in one spot. This tool is great for songwriters like me, but it’s also great for rappers. For real-time syncing, you can use Google Keep or Evernote, but if it’s just the phone, it’s worth a shot.

Lyric Notepad

Starting with the most significant features, anytime you compose a sentence, you will see a syllable count on the left. You can simply bold, italicize, and mark the heading with shortcuts because you have formatting options. Adding intricate details, such as how to pronounce a phrase or other information that you need to convey before the performance, maybe done quickly with the notes sections. When you can record each line separately, the recording option comes in handy.

Lyric Notepad is one of the best apps for rappers on iOS and Android. Another useful feature is the ability to highlight a word to locate exact or near rhymes. Within the program, you may also locate synonyms and definitions. So you know what to do if you need a composition tool for rapping or any other genre!

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3. Freestyle Rap Coach

The term “freestyle” refers to when words are pronounced in an unstructured manner. It’s a terrific approach to grow as a rapper and become used to different rhyme systems if you’re already comfortable with it. As a result, the more often you do it, the better.

Freestyle rap coach app for rappers in android

It works by giving you a random topic to rap about while listening to an instrument track. It differs from other rap apps in that it proposes words and rhymes to keep the flow going. The user interface is straightforward, with a word at the top and suggested rhymes in the middle. In addition to recommended phrases, there are enough words to rhyme. You can choose the duration of each topic and record while singing (if you want to).

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4. BandLab Rappers App for iOS & Android

You now have lyrics and enough material to make a song out of it. You’re almost an intermediate because you know how to make a beat and have even practiced freestyle. However, before you can sell the music, you must record it. There are several mobile DAWs to pick from, but we need something basic, and Bandlab fits the bill perfectly.


Because it’s a multitrack recorder, you can use your microphone or import an audio file. A beat track to rap on in our scenario. There’s even the ability to record MIDI instruments and build loops. It can perform all the tasks that a rapper could demand. You may also utilize the metronome, change the time signature, and add lyrics all in the same tab. It’s quite simple to export your music and save it to your hard drive.

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5. Voloco: Auto Voice Tune

We’re all familiar with auto-tuning, and we know for a fact that it’s used by a number of hip-hop musicians. Auto-tune, on the other hand, is costly and necessitates a thorough understanding of how to process audio in such a way that it sounds nice to the listener. But what if you don’t have any of those resources?

Voloco is a hip-hop app that fills that hole and automates the process. Oh, and here’s what a cat sounds like when you use the program!

Famous songs like Future “Tony Montana” and Chief Keef “Citgo” have used it creatively.

Voloco auto voice tune app for rappers

By tapping the plus sign at the bottom of the screen, you can begin creating. If you don’t want echo or voice delay when recording, it will prompt you to put on headphones. You can also select a key, apply effects like chorus, noise reduction, and natural stone, and adjust the mixing. You have the option of selecting a rhythm from your library or adding one from the Voloco Beats section.

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6. Rapchat

I use Instagram to keep in touch with friends, but I also discover new artists every day. Rapchat allows you to connect with comparable audiences and creators, unlike Instagram does not have a musician’s community.

Rapchat app

You begin by creating a rap name that is otherwise produced at random. The program features three main tabs, the first of which is the following tab, which allows you to see the feed and activity of anyone you’ve chosen to follow. There’s also a feature tab where you can listen to popular musicians, and a beats tab that’s only for producers and people looking for a beat. You may like, comment, share and follow hashtags in addition to liking, commenting, and sharing content.

It is one of the best apps for rappers on iOS and Android. You can take the backing tracks from the beat section and add a vocal track to produce. You can also apply effects to your vocals such as radio, chipmunk, cave, and so on.

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7. Rap Fame Rappers App for iOS & Android

From Eminem to Immortal Technique, rap battles have become a cult. It’s a culture that has aided every rapper’s development. You don’t have to be physically there with technology. It’s simple to compete with Rap Fame on your phone.

It is one of the best apps for rappers on iOS and Android. Some dedicated users use it to battle, but even if you’re a rookie, it’s simple to get started. Top battlers are inducted into a hall of fame based on the number of matches they have played and the number of matches they have won. In a game, you may also follow other rappers and call certain persons.

Rap Fame

In a feed, the past is properly preserved. There is also a section for the finest bouts if you don’t want to join but just listen. When it comes to bouts, you have the option of choosing an opponent or letting the program choose one for you at random. You have the option of fighting in voice or visual mode. You can play the backing music as many times as you want while writing the lyrics in the notepad portion of the same window. Other handy features include the ability to manually adjust the delay, autotune the filter, and add reverb. So, if you’re looking for the greatest apps for rappers, go no further than this one.

Get Rap Frame (iOS | Android)

8. BARS – Rapper’s Delight

Facebook has released BARS, a free rapper app. Although the software is free, it is currently in beta and only available for iOS users. It’s being marketed as a TikTok clone aimed solely towards the rapping community. If you’ve used TikTok previously, you’ll be able to use the UI with ease. A user can choose from a variety of professionally produced tracks and rap over them with their own lyrics.

The video length is limited to 60 seconds because it is based on a short format.

Closed beta testing is still ongoing for the app. As a result, once you sign up, you will have to wait.

BARS Rapper’s Delight  app for android

It’s jam-packed with features that will help you improve your rapping abilities. You have a native rhyme dictionary, for example, which offers rhyming words, so you don’t get stuck. Clean, AutoTune, Imaginary Friends, and AM Radio are just a handful of the fundamental filters available.

The app, like TikTok, allows you to respond to videos and watch trending rappers on the featured page, as well as the most recent works in the upload tab. Finally, if you’re serious about freestyle rapping, switch to Challenge mode, which will automatically offer a word for you to rap on.

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Wrap up: Best Apps for Rappers on iOS and Android

All of these apps come together to form a complete solution for any rapper. The list covers everything from recording audio to composing beats, trading tunes, and freestyle rapping. If you truly want to grow and take rapping seriously, you may also install Rap Fame and Rap chat.

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