Dark Mode Chrome Extensions to Enable Dark Reader

Dark mode in Google Chrome can help you view more web pages while reducing eye strain compared to light mode/theme. These dark mode Chrome extensions can help you improve your reading experience if you spend a lot of time on the internet and use Google Chrome as your primary browser. Although dark mode for web content can be enabled in Chrome, having an add-on can provide additional freedom.

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Best Dark Mode Chrome Extensions

This list contains a large number of extensions with various choices for various uses. Take a close look at each one before deciding.

1. Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a simple but useful extension for Google Chrome that enables dark mode. Although it activates a dark theme on websites, it has the significant disadvantage of using this extension. Only a few established and famous websites, such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, and the Google search page, are enabled in dark mode. To put it another way, if you want to read TechyLessons in Chrome’s dark mode, you won’t be able to.

Dark Mode

This extension is simple to use since it doesn’t believe in complication, which is why it just has two buttons — on and off. You must have to reload the page each time you toggle those buttons.


  • Extremely simple and straightforward to use
  • Only allows the dark mode to be used on a specified website.
  • There are no extra features or options available.

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2. Nightfall

Nightfall and Dark Mode are nearly identical in that they both offer dark themes for a limited number of sites chosen by the makers. On the other hand, it is a superior dark mode Chrome extension than Dark Mode because it inverts colors better. On Google Docs, Facebook, Wikipedia, and other sites, it works practically flawlessly. However, you may encounter difficulties when utilizing it on YouTube.


It also has a feature that allows users to turn off dark mode for a specific page. After accessing the page, click the extension icon and select Add to blocklist from the drop-down menu.


  • It’s simple to use and doesn’t have any fancy features.
  • Only works on a single website.
  • Some YouTube settings may appear strange.
  • Turn off dark mode on a specific website.

3. Dark Mode Chrome

In the dark mode, Another Chrome extension that activates dark mode on all web pages at once is Chrome. It only takes one click to enable dark mode in Chrome and then to add it to the browser. Users cannot, however, turn on or off dark mode on a single website.

Dark Mode Chrome

If you wish to use dark mode on a website, first open it and then click the extension icon. It creates a better reading environment because the color contrast is lighter than the actual dark mode.


  • Enable/disable with a single click
  • There is no ability to enable or disable dark mode on a specific website. There is no way to customize it.

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4. Night Mode for YouTube

With the aid of this extension, you may enable night mode or dark mode on YouTube, as the name suggests. This extension can help you get rid of eye strain to some point if you’re a YouTube video maker who spends a lot of time reading/replying to a lot of comments.

Night Mode for YouTube

To use YouTube’s dark theme, go to the website and click the extension symbol. It’s as easy as that.


  • This is only for YouTube.
  • Enable/disable with a single click
  • There is no way to change the brightness or contrast.

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5. Charcoal

Charcoal allows you to use Facebook Messenger in dark mode. And this Charcoal can help you get dark reader mode if you spend a lot of time replying to Facebook messages. The only issue with this extension is that when you click the Messenger icon on the Facebook website, it does not enable a dark theme. The dark mode, on the other hand, maybe found on messenger.com, a specialized website for managing Facebook messages.


Using the Chrome extension, enable dark mode on Messenger.


  • Only works with the messenger.com website.
  • Deep blue, Charcoal and midnight are the three modes.
  • One-click enable/disable
  • No additional option

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6. Dark Mode on Chrome

It’s another simple Chrome extension for enabling dark mode. Unlike some extensions, you can use dark mode on all of your sites at the same time. If you already have tabs open, you’ll need to restart the website to activate the dark mode. Although it does not work well with Facebook, it should not cause any issues when used on a standard website. Because it lacks an on/off button, all you have to do is click the associated extension icon to turn it on or off. There is no method to add or remove websites from a whitelist or blacklist.

Dark Mode on Chrome
Dark Mode on Chrome


  • Toggle between dark and light modes with a single click.
  • There is no way to change the brightness.
  • There is no such thing as a blacklist or a whitelist.
  • On Facebook.com, it doesn’t operate very well.
  • On regular blogs, it works wonderfully.

7. Sauron

Unless there is a particular option to modify the brightness, most dark mode extensions do not change the brightness automatically. Sauron, on the other hand, has the ability to dim pictures, which can make or break the whole night mode reading experience in Chrome. In other words, you can reduce the brightness of all images on a webpage, even if it doesn’t feature dark mode screenshots/images. You can use a whitelist to prevent Sauron from appearing on certain websites. Scheduling is the most important or time-saving aspect. It means that you can set a timer to turn on or off dark mode.



  • To turn off dark mode, add a website to your whitelist.
  • Schedule
  • Images that are dim
  • There are only a few alternatives for setting things up.

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8. My Dark Reader

My Dark Reader is designed for folks who spend a lot of time reading on numerous websites. It has all the important features that you would require. The settings panel, for example, includes features such as auto mode timing, whitelist, and custom brightness. Visit a website and click on the My Dark Reader icon to utilize the Chrome add-on. Aside from that, you can use the equivalent bar to adjust the brightness (overall, including image).

My Dark Reader


  • Set a timer to activate the dark mode.
  • To turn off dark mode, add a website to your whitelist.
  • Enable/disable with a single click
  • Settings are managed using a dedicated panel.

9. Lunar Reader

In Google Chrome, Lunar Reader now enables night shift. With so many possibilities, setting it up can take longer than usual. However, once you’ve completed the setup, you can use keyboard shortcuts to perform all the necessary tasks on Windows and Mac. You may program mode and night shift to switch on automatically at a specific time. On the other hand, brightness and contrast can be adjusted, allowing you to create a personalized atmosphere according to your needs.

Lunar  Reader


  • Customizing all options takes time.
  • Enable/disable dark mode with a keyboard shortcut
  • Brightness and contrast can be customized
  • Shift work at night
  • Greyscale
  • There are two lists: whitelist and blacklist.

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10. Dark Reader

Dark Reader is one of the greatest Google Chrome extensions for enabling dark mode on all of your web pages at the same time. Except for specific browser-protected pages (Settings, Chrome Web Store, and so on), you can use dark mode on all other pages without issue. The best part about this add-on is that it allows you to rapidly activate dark mode using a keyboard shortcut (Mac: Shift+Option+A, Windows: Alt+Shift+D).

Dark Reader

The brightness and contrast controls are the next useful feature. In other words, you can modify the brightness and contrast of your dark and light modes, which can help you read more comfortably in low-light situations.


  • Shortcuts on the keyboard
  • Brightness and contrast can be customized
  • For a specific website, a custom theme is created.
  • At a predetermined time, turn on dark mode automatically.
  • Settings can be imported and exported to be used on numerous devices.

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Final Verdict: Dark Mode Chrome Extensions

Dark theme system-wide is available in the current versions of Windows and macOS, which may or may not turn on dark mode in Google Chrome. Rather than relying on those alternatives, you may use a Chrome dark mode extension to get the job done. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, go for something easy. However, Dark Reader, My Dark Reader, and Lunar Reader should all be read at least once. They have a lot of options, but once you’ve set them up, they operate flawlessly.

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