7 Best English Pronunciation Apps for PC and Mobile

Do you ever have a word come to mind that you want to utter but don’t? Not being able to accurately enunciate words is a typical issue that many individuals confront. Those who do not speak the language or whose mother tongue is not it. While traveling, good pronunciation can help you master job interviews, university examinations, and day-to-day discussions. To help you attain your goals, here are several English pronunciation apps for PC and mobile to try.

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English Pronunciation Apps

1. Pronunciation

Even if there is no data connection, you can utilize Pronunciation whenever you have a problem pronouncing a word. The software has a straightforward user interface with a text box for entering words and a speaker icon for pronouncing them. I particularly appreciate how, once you’ve finished listening to the pronunciation, each phrase automatically slides to the bottom. So you can easily revisit words you’ve looked for in the past.

Pronunciation App Layout

From the top right corner, you may instantly switch between American and British English. If the pronunciation is too quick for you, you can adjust the speed by up to five levels.

Main Features:

  • Offline
  • Ascension of the British and Americans
  • Speech has a 5 speed/3 pitch option.

Install Pronunciation for Android

2. Quick Pronunciation Tool

If all you need is a pronunciation app, the previous one will suffice. This one, on the other hand, adds a few extra features. Do you want to know how to say that recipe correctly? It has built-in Wiki and Google image search features. There is also a fast toggle to modify the volume, pitch, or pace of the pronunciation.

Quick Pronunciation Tool

The app’s free edition has several limitations. There are only 50 previous words visible, no night mode, and no home screen widget. If you require these features, you can pay $2 to upgrade to the pro version. This also allows for speed and pitch control.

Main Features:

  • All the previous app’s features are included in this one.
  • Google Image Search and Native Wiki
  • There are several language options available.

Install Quick Pronunciation for Android

3. Elsa Speak: English Pronunciation App

Elsa (English Language Speech Assistant) is a pronunciation tool that can be used for IELTS, TOEFL, and other language exams. The AI coach, which tailors the program to your interests, is a unique feature of this software. Elsa also allows you to change the language to your mother tongue if you are not a natural English speaker. This makes it simple to follow instructions.

Elsa Speak English Pronunciation App

It uses speech recognition technology to provide feedback on poor pronunciations as well as suggestions for how to improve them. If you’re taking an exam, you can set practice time ranging from 10 to 20 minutes every day, as well as a reminder timer. Personal coaching, session summaries, and other features are available in the pro edition of the app.

Main Features:

  • AI-assistant
  • Routine of daily practice
  • Test of personal evaluation

Get Elsa Speak for (iOS | Android)

4. Google Translate

I’m sure you’re thinking Google Translate doesn’t belong in the category of English pronunciation apps. To be honest, it outperforms the vast majority of pronunciation applications available in any app store. You can learn not only how to pronounce a word, but also how to translate it into other languages.

Google Translate

Other useful capabilities include text-to-image translation, real-time dialogue translator, search history, and so on.

Main Features:

  • Multiple language pronunciation
  • Text translation in real-time (camera)
  • Translation in the other direction

Google Translate is available for (iOS | Android).

5. WordWeb

WordWeb is a fantastic pronunciation program that integrates a dictionary and aids for pronouncing words into one app. It’s completely free, has no advertisements, and runs on both Windows and Mac. It is, in my opinion, a one-stop shop for an English tool-set.

WordWeb English Pronunciation App

You get pronunciation features, definitions, and native wiki search all in one app. Furthermore, you can enable a system-wide vocabulary that can be accessed from any app with a simple right-click.

Main Features:

  • Dictionary for the entire system
  • Easy-to-use pronunciation aid
  • Doesn’t require internet access

Get WordWeb for (Windows | Mac)

6. Google Search

Google Search works flawlessly on PCs and is really useful when using the browser on your phone. Simply right-click on a term and select Search Google from the drop-down menu. This will open a new tab with the meaning of the word and many possibilities. You can not only listen to the pronunciation but also lookup related words, learn about its history, and so on.

To hear the pronunciation, click the speaker symbol, or pick ‘Learn to pronounce’ for more possibilities. You can, for example, alter the accent, slow down the speech, and even watch mouth movement to improve articulation. For Chrome browser users, there’s a built-in pronunciation software.

Main Features:

  • Searching from the browser is simple.
  • There are three different accent possibilities.
  • Animation of the mouth

7. Voice Assistant

Try this strategy if you don’t have a voice assistant on your phone or smart speaker. It makes no difference if you’re using Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, or another voice assistant. When you come across a word you don’t recognize, simply spell it out using the desired wake command. Then, after spelling out the word, wait for a response.

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Final Verdict: English Pronunciation App

I haven’t picked up my phone since I got my hands on the Echo Dot. So I simply spell out the term and ask Alexa to pronounce it. You might be wondering why you should use any English pronunciation applications at all. Because apps allow you to access word history, you can look up the meaning while you’re perusing the web or reading something on your phone.

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