5 Best Light Meter Apps for iOS and Android

If you’re a photographer, you’ve probably heard of a light meter. For those who are unfamiliar, it is used to measure light in order to achieve the ideal exposure for your photographs. The cost of a physical light meter is high, and not everyone can afford one. However, light meter apps for iOS and Android are available for a fraction of the price and may be carried in your pocket.

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Light Meter Devices (Physical)

Let’s have a look at several physical devices before we go into the light meter apps.

A light meter is a small handheld gadget that measures the amount of light in your environment. As previously said, it is not inexpensive and may be out of reach for many analog photography aficionados.

A light meter is a small handheld gadget that measures the amount of light in your environment. As previously said, it is not inexpensive and may be out of reach for many analog photography aficionados. Because most cameras nowadays come with a built-in light meter, having an app is merely a bonus. So, if you’re interested in film photography and can afford a light meter, here are some of the best-selling light meter devices to consider.

If you’re still unsure about the accuracy of these light meters, rest assured that they do their job. Hundreds of photographers rely on these programs. However, unlike a device, it may not operate as well in severe circumstances such as a darkly light setting. With that being said, let’s move on to light meter apps.

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Light Meter Apps iOS Android

1. Exposure Light Meter

This is a little app, weighing just at under 2 MB. As soon as you download Exposure Light Meter, you can begin measuring. Set the ISO (top right) and point your camera at the subject you want to photograph. According to the current exposure, the app displays the aperture value and shutter speed. The exposure value at the top of the screen will change as you move the camera.

Exposure Light Meter

A capture button also exists, which freezes the screen and takes a photo with the current exposure parameters. If you don’t want to recall the values in your head, this could be useful.

Get Exposure Light Meter for Android

2. Light Meter App for Android

This one has more feathers in its cap than the previous one, which was confined to the basic light meter function. Camera meter (light reflected from the subject), sensor meter (incident light), manual calculator, white balance meter, and other features are available. You can also view the EXIF data, which includes the ISO, shutter speed, and other image parameters.

Light Meter App for Android

If you’re going to post the photo online, remember to remove the EXIF data to hide crucial information like location and capture date. You can also hide things on the preview screen from the settings tab.

Get Light Meter for Android

3. Light Meter EV

I’m aware that it has the same name as the last one. However, there are a few distinctions that both analog and digital photographers may find useful. There are three settings in total: Incident, which calculates aperture and shutter speed, EV compensation, and Auto ISO, which calculates the ideal shutter/aperture combination automatically.

Light Meter EV

Aside from that, you get extra capabilities that aren’t available in most programs. ND filter (up to 5.0), EV calibration, spot metering, zoom, and other functions are among them. There’s also a live camera mode. It’s a paid feature ($1.5 one-time) with a three-day trial.

Get Light Meter EV for Android

4. Lightmat‪e‬

Lightmate offers the slickest interface of any light meter program, and it will encourage you to use it more. The options are similar to those seen in other apps. You can set the ISO and shutter speed to match your camera’s specifications. Aperture and shutter priority options are available in the app. By touching on the shutter value, you may rapidly swap between them.

In addition, the developer just released an experimental pin-hole camera feature for calculating exposure. Lightmate is definitely worth checking out if you’re on iOS.

Get Lightmate for iOS

5. Light Meter – Street‪

Consider Light Meter as an iOS light meter pro replacement. The program is simple to use and features a simple interface. Simply set the ISO and the Light Meter will display the corresponding exposure value. Users may easily see different exposure levels. You can also draw attention to the time and aperture of your choice.

Light Meter Stree‪t‬

Unlike other apps, it remembers and displays your previous measurements, so you can have a head start the next time you want to use the light meter app. The power saver, which prevents the camera from reading when it is not in use to preserve the battery, is one of my favorite features.

Get Light Meter – Street‬ for iOS

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Closing Remarks: Which Light Meter Apps to Choose

The majority of consumers begin with analog photography and then quit it. It takes time and work, as well as a great deal of patience. Don’t worry, you can also use the camera on your iPhone like a pro. If you’re not sure how to utilize these applications, look out how to get optimal exposure for your images on YouTube.

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