17 Best Apple Arcade Games for Kids in 2022

Apple Arcade debuted more than a year ago, with a $5 monthly fee and a carefully curated assortment of games in every genre. The gaming service includes ad-free gameplay, controller compatibility, and cross-device sync, among other features. We performed some research recently and came up with this list of the greatest Apple Arcade games for kids of all ages. Let’s have a look at those.

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Apple Arcade Games

1. Frogger in Toy Town

For ages 4+

Frogger is the most recent version of Konami’s famous arcade game. It features cutting-edge graphics and gameplay elements that immerse you in a massive universe where you must guide the frog to the next checkpoint. To progress forward and avoid adversaries, you will interact with blocks, balls, boxes, books, and other objects throughout the game. The controls are quite simple, requiring only a swipe in the direction you wish your frog to move. The important ingredients for a cool Apple Arcade game for kids are simple controls, clean graphics, and a lively soundtrack.

Frogger in Toy Town

Get Frogger in Toy Town

2. Spyder: Apple Arcade Game

For ages 4+

You’re “Agent 8,” a charming but tough eight-legged robot spy on a mission to save the world. You must penetrate secure institutions, gather secret information, and put a stop to the bad things that are happening. Your avatar, the robot spider, can walk on any surface and is armed with all the high-tech devices you could possibly require; all you need is wits. Original puzzles include pressing buttons, filling cartridges, replacing dead batteries, and other real-life objects. You’d have to think like a tiny robot in a giant’s universe in order to complete the game. It’s Fee-Fi-Fo-Fun

Spyder game for Apple Arcade

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3. Word Lace

For children 4+

With its easy-to-solve yet head-scratching riddles, this next Apple Arcade puzzler game for youngsters will have you in knots. The goal is to make a valid word out of the image given in each stage. It appears simple, but there are enough bogus words to confuse even adults, and it’s a terrific way for kids to practice spelling. With over 1000 levels, the youngsters will be occupied for a long time with this arcade game.

Word Lace

Get Word Lace

4. Sneaky Sasquatch

For ages 4+

Sneaky Sasquatch is a real creature who, for the most part, goes unnoticed. You take on the role of a mysterious beast who enjoys rummaging into other people’s lunches while they aren’t looking. The controls are simple: you navigate around by swiping on the screen and interact with objects by tapping them. You go on several adventures with a raccoon friend raiding camps, but you must be sneaky, or you will be discovered, and your name will be published in the newspaper.

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5. Tint. Apple Arcade Game

Tint is a soothing Apple Arcade puzzle game that allows you to paint with watercolors without getting your iPhone or iPad wet. This deceptively simple game introduces an entirely new concept. You must complete each level by completing a color requirement at the conclusion, and the game becomes increasingly difficult as you proceed. The game’s realism is enhanced by the use of brush strokes, chill soundtrack, parchment canvas, and origami.

Tint Apple Arcade Game

Get Tint.

6. Lifelike: Apple Arcade Game

For ages 4+

Lifelike is a stunning Apple Arcade game for kids where you can just sit back and relax without having to worry about the plot or the goal. The swarm-like activity is based on marine life and is just as fascinating in person as it is on the Discovery Channel. Swimming around in an infinite space, engaging with various swarms, and bringing them along on your adventure is really relaxing.

Lifelike game for Apple Arcade

Get Lifelike

7. Sonic Racing

For ages 4+

Sonic Racing is SEGA’s version of a Mario Kart-style family racing game that delivers big time. There are 15 different tracks, 15 different characters from the universe, and multiplayer modes. You can play by yourself or in groups with other children. Within the game, there are power-ups that you may employ to get an advantage over other players. “You have to go fast” is the only thing you need to know to win.

Sonic racing on Apple Arcade

Get Sonic Racing

8. Samurai Jack

For ages 12+

This RPG, created by Adult Swim, pays homage to the cult-classic cartoon show Samurai Jack. You play as a time-traveling Samurai on a mission to fight Aku. You brandish the katana and fight off the villain’s evil minions, progressing the plot to the climactic boss showdown. The aesthetics and gameplay of the game are polished, making you feel as if you’re watching a television show. When you combine that with violent fight sequences, you have the perfect recipe for addictive gameplay.

Samurai jack Apple Arcade game

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9. Things That Go Bump

For ages 4+

Things That Go Bump is an action-packed arcade game for kids that takes the concept of common house spirits or Yokai and converts it into an action-packed arcade game. You’re a Yokai spirit who can enter household goods like umbrellas, flashlights, and vases to fight other Yokai’s. As you need to think quickly on your feet and rearrange your household objects to earn new skills, the game rapidly becomes intense. You can play multiplayer mode by connecting with other people.

Get Things That Go Bump

10. Warp Drive

For ages 12+

Warp Drive is a fantastic racing game with a fast-paced soundtrack, vivid graphics, and a thrilling race. You’re driving a QUAD rotor racer that has plenty of power, handles beautifully in corners, and drifts like butter. Multiple power-ups, hidden tracks, and teleporting stations are strewn around the track to help you stay ahead of your opponents. Have fun racing!

Warp Drive

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11. SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit

For ages 4+

Plankton, SpongeBob’s old foe, has concocted a new scheme to steal the Krabby patty formula, and it’s up to SpongeBob to stop him. You embark on an expedition to earn coins while battling Plankton’s minions. In order to save your companions, the game will throw puzzles at you that you must solve.

SpongeBob Patty Pursuit

Get Spongebob: Patty Pursuit

12. Populus Run

For ages 4+

This is one of the most unique arcade games for kids on the list, and it’s absolutely fantastic. Instead of controlling one person, you command a group of individuals sprinting towards the finish line, encountering death pits, enormous donuts, jumping macarons, and a slew of other enemies along the way. This game is an instant hit with the youngsters because to the cheerful soundtrack and original vocals. It’s something you should certainly look into.

Populus Run

Get Populus Run

13. Winding Worlds

For ages 9+

Winding Worlds is a cosmic adventure in which you will be joined by a cosmic Wurm who has recruited you to assist him in restoring order to other worlds. The goal of the game is to travel to other worlds and solve the difficulties that they are experiencing. The gameplay is straightforward, requiring only two swipe motions to control everything and yet you’d feel engrossed in the storyline because of memorable characters and impactful music.

Winding worlds of Apple Arcade

Get Winding Worlds

14. Survival Z

For ages 9+

Survival Z is a children’s Apple Arcade strategy game in which the only goal is to eliminate zombies. You’d pick up survivors, put up barriers, team up, and create traps along the way. The game features 50 unique levels, organic path development, and 15 different characters, all of which add to the game’s entertainment factor.

Survival Z

Get Survival Z

15. NUTS: Apple Arcade Game

For ages 9+

It’s a one-of-a-kind mystery game. You take on the role of a field researcher tasked with spying on squirrels. The gameplay is intriguing, and you’ll need to deal with certain things on a regular basis, such as answering phones, sending faxes, setting up trip cameras, and evaluating film. It’s a little odd in terms of graphics, but it makes up for it with audio and forest sounds.



16. Spire Blast

For ages 4+

Spire Blast is a tower-collapsing game in which you break the bricks by throwing a matching coloured brick. It’s a digital reimagining of the old brick breaker, and it’s fantastic.


Get Spire Blast

17. Neversong

For ages 9+

Neversong is a weirdly terrifying Apple Arcade kids game that does the genre right, and if you want your kids to enjoy a horror game, Neversong is the perfect blend of horror and puzzle platformer. The plot revolves around a young boy who has recently awoken from a coma and is on the lookout for his sweetheart. This game features a variety of bosses, monsters, and zombies to defeat.


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Conclusion: Best Apple Arcade Games for Kids

These are some top Apple Arcade games for kids that I recommend based on feedback from children. Apple Arcade has grown into a mature subscription service with games ranging from casual platformers to hardcore story-driven adventures. Every age group has a game, and most games may be enjoyed by the entire family. So, what are your favorite Apple Arcade games for kids? Please notify me via Twitter.

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