10 Best Brain Games for iPhone to Train Your Gray Matter

When I need a break from the routine, I play a lot of puzzle games and logic-based games. You may simply divide the apps and games in this area into two categories based on their content: serious brain training apps and fun brain games. Apps that help you exercise your mind muscles and keep track of your activity have already been discussed. If you’re merely looking for games to help you stretch your brain muscles, the list below will do the trick. Let’s take a look at the finest iPhone brain games.

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Best Brain Games for iPhone

1. Brain Out

Brain Out is an iPhone game that puts your wits to the test on every level. The reason I say hand-crafted is that the levels are designed to make you think, and the obvious answer is almost always incorrect. There are over 200 stages in the game that will require you to think beyond the box. It will force you to think logically, put your reflexes to the test, enhance your accuracy, and strengthen your memory.

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Brain Out

Brain Out is available for free on the App Store, although there are adverts that may be removed for $5.

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2. Brain Dots

Brain Dots is a logic-based iOS puzzle game that puts your understanding of physics to the test. The game puts your talents to the test with a simple goal: connect the two dots. On every level, the dots remain suspended in midair, and you must design a suitable shape to force the dots to move towards each other. The first few stages are straightforward, but they gradually become difficult, requiring you to use your imagination to progress.

Brain Dots is free on the App Store and has ads.

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3. Tricky Test 2

In terms of puzzles, Tricky Test 2 is comparable to Brain Out, but it stands out with a superior design scheme. The famous iPhone brain game also includes life-based gameplay, which adds to the fun because losing all of your lives will set you back three levels. There are almost 100 stages to complete where you must solve riddles utilizing unique approaches. One of the stages, for example, had the goal of stopping a gigantic statue from crying, and after failing numerous times, the solution was to turn the iPhone upside down. It’s a fantastic game for both youngsters and adults.

Tricky Test 2 Brain Game for iPhone

Tricky Test is free on the App Store and has ads.

Get Tricky Test 2 (free, ads)

4. 1Line: Brain Game for iPhone

1Line is a one-touch iPhone puzzle game in which you must connect the dots to complete a pattern without crossing any lines twice. Unlike previous iPhone brain games, each level can have several solutions because you can begin at any place along with the pattern. There are 850 stages in all in the game, which will keep you entertained for weeks. It also includes hints in case you get stuck, which I am certain you will.

1Line Brain Game for iPhone

1Line is available for free on the App Store, although there is advertising that can be removed for a one-time fee of $1.99.

Get 1Line (free, ads)

5. Freaky Focus

Freaky Focus is a simple iPhone game that puts your impulse control to the test. You’re given a colorful screen with a color name. Your goal is to make sure that the color and the text are the same. The tough thing is that you just have two seconds before the timer runs out, so you’ll need to think quickly. It feels difficult because one half of your brain is attempting to decipher the color, while the other is attempting to decipher the language.

Freaky Focus

Freaky Focus is a free app available on the App Store and has ads.

Get Freaky Focus (free, ads)

6. Left vs Right

In addition to the previous game, Left vs Right for iPhone includes a variety of puzzle tasks for your brain. This program is divided into six categories: precision, awareness, patience, logic, adaptation, and reflex. There are 50 games in total that fall into these categories. Within the app, you establish your goals and keep track of everything.

Left vs Right

Even though Left versus Right is free to play, you can only play games from three categories per day, but with a $5/month subscription, you can access the whole catalog.

Get Left vs Right (free, in-app purchases)

7. Sudoku: Brain Game iPhone

You can’t talk about brain training without mentioning this timeless classic. Sudoku has made its mark in newspapers and is now available as an app for iPhones. For those who are unfamiliar with Sudoku, it is a 9-by-9 grid in which the numbers 1 through 9 must be filled in every row and column. The single limitation is that no number can be repeated in any row, column, or little 33 cubes.

Sudoku Brain Game for iPhone

The Sudoku app has three difficulty levels, and one feature I prefer about it over conventional paper is the rapid cell verification. In other words, if you make a mistake, you won’t have to redo the entire grid. If you’re a purist, you can, of course, disable this feature. Sudoku is available for free on the App Store.

Get Sudoku (free, ads)

8. Brain It On!

Brain It On is a physics-based iPhone brain puzzle game that will keep you entertained for a while. The goal varies from level to level, but in order to obtain the desired result, you must keep in mind the physics of items. To go through different levels, you might need to draw levers, swing items in the air, build slopes, and so on. It’s one of the best iPhone brain games available.

Brain It On!

Brain It On is a free app with adverts on the App Store.

Get Brain It On (free, ads)

9. Puzzle Fuzzle

If you or your children appreciate picture puzzles, you’ll enjoy this iPhone brain game. Puzzle Fuzzle gives you the task of creating a picture of a given word using suggestions. For example, suppose you need to create a pirate cap and all you have are a bush and a flag to guide you.

Puzzle Fuzzle

Puzzle Fuzzle is a fun way to practice visualizing concealed objects and looking for clues. The game is available for free on the App Store, but there are advertisements that may be eliminated for $2.99.

Get Puzzle Fuzzle (free, ads)

10. Brain Wars

Instead of encouraging you to create a high score, Brain Wars challenges you to compete against real people. You may play 30 different exercises with your buddies online in this game. You can also enhance your score by challenging any random user on the app. Color matching, numeracy, form identification, number memory, and more activities are included in Brain Wars.

Brain Wars

Brain Wars is a free app with adverts on the App Store.

Get Brain Wars (free, ads)

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Closing Remarks: Favorite Brain Games for iPhone

These are a handful of the top iPhone brain games that I think are worth suggesting. The majority of the games don’t take themselves seriously, and neither should you. Have you had a good time playing these games? Please let me know if you find a game that is better than the ones listed above.

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