Top 11 Microsoft Teams Apps to Improve Productivity

Apps like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom experienced tremendous growth as a result of COVID-19. Many businesses and organizations are embracing a permanent work-from-home environment. Microsoft has recognized the trend and is rapidly upgrading the Team’s experience. The software behemoth has launched an App Store for Teams, with the goal of boosting overall user productivity. We’ve put up a list of the best Microsoft Teams apps to help you get more done.

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Apps for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams apps can be used to create a unified productive ecosystem under a single interface. Throughout your meeting workflow, you’ll be able to use best-of-breed software. Users can complete a variety of tasks without ever leaving the Teams app interface.

1. Polly

With Polly’s built-in polling features, making decisions is a breeze. Polly may be used by almost anyone to easily communicate with their coworkers and make data-driven decisions.

Polly App for Microsoft Teams

It can be used to collect meeting feedback, quiz students, gauge how your team is feeling, and much more. And this Polly includes a variety of advanced features like templates, recurring, scheduling, anonymity, and more, all of which are accessible from within Microsoft Teams.

Download Polly for Microsoft Teams

2. Freehand by InVision

Designers are familiar with the moniker InVision. Although Microsoft Teams has a useful Whiteboard function, if you currently use the InVision platform, you should give Freehand by InVision a try. It integrates an infinite whiteboard inside the Teams app, allowing you to draw, plan, and collaborate on it.

Freehand by InVision

Download Freehand by InVision

3. Trello: Microsoft Teams App

Trello for Microsoft Teams is a fun, flexible, and rewarding way to collaborate, get more done, and organize your tasks. Your Trello board is linked to your Microsoft Teams account with the Trello app for Teams.


When a card is created or moved, a member is assigned to a specific card, or you receive a comment on a card, Trello will notify you.

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Download Trello for Microsoft Teams

4. ScrumGenius

ScrumGenius goes above and beyond other standup bots in that it keeps track of your team’s status updates, goals, and team blocks. The ScrumGenius bot automates daily stand-ups in Microsoft Teams to help your team communicate more effectively. It asks team members a series of questions on what they completed yesterday, what they expect to accomplish today, and what roadblocks they encountered every day at a given time.


The software will send you an email with a summary of the team’s results each day, so you can keep track of what happened.

Download ScrumGenius

5. Lucidchart

You and your team can work together in real-time on flowcharts, wireframes, mockups, network diagrams, org charts, and other visualizations with Lucidchart.


In your team channel, add a Lucidchart document as a tab. Anyone in the channel can edit or comment on your document using the embedded editor without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. A personal tab also allows you to access your Lucidchart documents.

Download Lucidchart Diagrams for Team

6. Signeasy

Do you receive documents for signature on a regular basis using Microsoft Teams? Enter SignEasy, a third-party add-on. Directly from your Team’s app, sign documents or seek signatures. Reduce costs, delight consumers, and close sales faster by going paperless.


Download SignEasy for Microsoft Teams

7. Piazza

Microsoft Teams are also popular in the educational community. Piazza is a free tool that allows instructors to handle Q&A sessions in their classrooms more efficiently. Students can ask questions and work together to revise their responses. Instructors can also respond to questions, encourage student responses, and edit or delete any content that has been published. Piazza was created to mimic a real-life classroom discussion.

Piazza Microsoft Teams App

Download Piazza for Microsoft Teams

8. Zapier: Microsoft Teams App

If This Then That (IFTTT) on steroids is Zapier. It’s an automation platform that supports thousands of popular apps and allows them to communicate with one another. You may create automated workflows (called Zaps) that connect Teams to the various apps you use in only a few minutes. No manual labor or code is necessary to build new channels, invite users to channels, post messages from other systems into Teams, and much more.


Zapier is popular among power users because it allows them to save at least a couple of hours every week.

Download Zapier for Microsoft Teams

9. UserVoice

The UserVoice connection, as its name implies, allows you to collect client ideas and feedback as well as quickly respond to their problems. This connector will deliver all updates to your UserVoice tickets to a Microsoft Teams channel of your choosing. You can then review them with your team and take action as soon as feasible.

UserVoice for Microsoft Teams

Download UserVoice for Microsoft Teams

10. MeisterTask

Let’s be clear about something. In comparison to its competitors, Microsoft’s To-Do app is quite basic. Enter MeisterTask, a third-party application.


MeisterTask is a collaborative task management solution for agile teams. The app aids team members in increasing work management efficiency on a daily basis. It enables teams to brainstorm using mind maps, which can then be turned into tasks for individual team members or groups.

Download MeisterTask for Microsoft Teams

11. SoapBox

SoapBox is based on the premise that the finest collaboration occurs when everyone is in the same place at the same time. The primary goal of this software is to eliminate any meeting barriers that waste time.

SoapBox Microsoft Teams App

The software allows you to add items to your meeting agenda and check them off as you go, which means you’ll be less likely to get off track. You may now be reminded to add agenda items, receive discussion subject suggestions, and track everyone’s next moves.

Download SoapBox for Microsoft Teams

Final Verdict: Best Apps for Microsoft Teams

You don’t have to switch between numerous applications on your desktop while using Microsoft Teams apps. To simplify permissions, allow document accessibility, and collaborate on screen, you can now rapidly navigate to mini-apps from the Teams sidebar.

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