5 Best Sony PS5 Controller Charging Stations

After a long gaming session, how often do you forget to charge your PS5 controller? Isn’t that a lot? If you’re in a similar situation, you don’t want your controller to die in the middle of a game. While repeatedly plugging in your controller can be inconvenient. So in this situation, dependable Sony PS5 controller charging stations can help.

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Why Buy PS5 Controller Charging Station

While any USB-C cable will work to charge your PS5 controller, purchasing a charging station is an excellent idea. For starters, it keeps your controller from overcharging and overheating, as well as extending its life. Second, a charging station will make your setup look more organized than a tangle of wires. You also get the benefit of being able to charge two controllers at the same time. So, even if one of them runs out of juice, you can still play for hours on end with the spare.

Buying the correct PS5 controller charging station to meet your demands, on the other hand, might be a time-consuming effort. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top PS5 controller charging stations. You can also Stream Music on PS5 With Spotify While Playing Games. Let’s get this party started.

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1. Sony PS5 DualSense Charging Station

The first item on the list is Sony’s own controller charging station, which was released alongside the PlayStation 5. The charging station is designed to look like a mini-PS5 and is extremely lightweight. The station is exceptionally well-built and performs as expected. All you have to do now is clamp your controller onto the station and you’re ready to go. It has the ability to charge up to two controllers at a time in about 3 hours.

Sony PS5 DualSense charging station

It’s worth noting that it’s powered by an AC converter and has a detachable wire. Yes, unlike the majority of the others on the list, it is not powered by USB. Apart from that, Sony’s official charging station’s major drawback (at least for now) is its scarcity. It, like the PS5, continues to sell out quickly whenever it is released in stores. While the original price was only $29.99, scalpers are asking anywhere from $49.99 to $129.99 for it.

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2. NexiGo Upgraded PS5 Controller Charger

If you want to branch out from Sony’s standard accessories, the NexiGo PS 5 controller charging station is a good option. This one has a sleek style that blends in with the controller’s aesthetics. And the good news is that thanks to its modest size, it won’t take up much room next to your PS5.

NexiGo upgraded PS5 controller charger

The NexiGo charging station boasts cool LED lights that match the controller’s amber light. As a bonus, you’ll receive two rubber thumbstick replacements as well as trigger extenders. This one is also $29.99 and has a charge duration of roughly 3 hours for charging two controllers at the same time, identical to the one above. Although, for $19.99, the same brand offers a less expensive alternative with a few drawbacks.

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3. AVIDET for PS5 Controller Charger

The third PS5 controller charging station on our list is a low-cost A-VIDET model that retails for $18.99. But don’t be fooled by the price. In terms of features, it checks all the boxes. It also does not disappoint in terms of design. It has an anti-slip base that keeps it in place whether docked controllers are present or not. In addition, if you’re used to charging your controller overnight, Avidet has you covered with its built-in protection chip.

AVIDET for PS5 Controller Charger

The main issue with this station is that the controllers don’t always go together perfectly. However, considering the price, it’s a minor concession.

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4. Mattay PS5 DualSense Controller Charger

The way the controllers are docked is one of the elements that make the Mattay charging dock stand out. It does away with the traditional method of docking the controllers upright. They sit on each side of the dock instead, making it more compact than the rest of the competition.

Mattay PS5 DualSense controller charger

The cool-looking charge indicator is one of the most popular features of this charging dock. When the controllers are charging, the LED is red, and when they are fully charged, it is blue. It has a respectable number of positive reviews on Amazon, out of the 100 or so available. With a price of $23.99, it falls right in the middle.

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5. OIVO PS5 Controller Charger

Last but not least, there’s a product from OIVO. This one is about half the price of Sony’s official PS5 controller charging station, so it’s a steal. However, just because something is inexpensive does not indicate it is of poor quality.

OIVO PS5 controller charger

This small charging dock is well-made and complements the PS5’s color scheme. There is also an On/Off switch on the back to turn it off when the dock is not in use, but that’s optional.

However, there is one flaw in this charging station. USB Type-C ports that plug into the top of the Dual Sense controller are used for charging. Because the connectors are small, it’s easy to misplace them. Fortunately, the charging station has places where these connectors can be stored while not in use. Plus, just in case, it comes with two extra charging tips!

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Conclusion: Sony PS5 Controller Charging Stations

You can’t go wrong with any of these charging stations for under $30. Each has its own design language. So, at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference and financial constraints. Take a chance.

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