7 Book Recommendation Sites and Apps: Find Next Read

Making a decision can be difficult, whether you have a personal library or are picking up a book for the first time. You may always ask your friends, but why rely on a limited source when there are so many other ways to find wonderful books? Without further ado, here are some of the greatest book recommendation sites and apps to help you choose your next great read. Let’s get started.

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Book Recommendation Sites and Apps

1. Recommend Me a Book

This is the best book recommendation site for you if you believe in the principle of “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It chooses a random book and only shows the first page to the reader. If you like what you’re reading, you can expose the book’s title and author at the bottom of the page. If you don’t like the opening page, utilize the Next Book button to shuffle among the books.

book recommendation sites

One of my favorite features is the genre feature. It enables you to apply filters to the search results and select a particular genre. For instance, adventure, biography, horror, comedy, and so forth. If you want, you can also modify the font size and text alignment.


  • There is no need to sign up.
  • A page that is free of advertisements.
  • Shows book links from Amazon.


  • There are no book reviews available.
  • The database of books is limited.

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2. The Book Apothecary

The Book Apothecary is part of the wider Read it Forwards website, which is dedicated to book lovers. There are several components on the website, including yearly/monthly book lists, book excerpts, and more. But I’m only going to discuss the book recommendations part. The area is easily accessible via the website’s top bar’s Your Next Read option. The Book Apothecary has a one-of-a-kind method of recommending books based on your mood. Users must first choose their mood in two phases, following which they will be provided book results.

Get book recommendations by mood

The suggested results are limited to three novels, which is disappointing, and the recommendations are also off the mark in my opinion. However, if you examine other aspects of the website, it’s a good choice. There are podcasts, essays, articles, films, and even author interviews available, all of which may be of interest to a wide range of people.


  • Recommend books based on their mood.
  • Readers will find a variety of relevant categories.
  • Book giveaways on a regular basis
  • Several shopping links (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks)


  • Only three book recommendations are allowed.
  • Probability of a perfect match is low.

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3. Read This Twice

We occasionally see posts on social media with a list of books that renowned people have read. Whether it’s Warren Buffett’s book suggestions for aspiring investors or Steve Jobs’ favorite book list, there’s something for everyone. Read This Twice is a wonderful place to start if you want to read additional books by prominent people. It features an entire section dedicated to novels suggested by celebrities, along with remarks and opinions on the book (with sources).

Find books famous people like

There are numerous genres from which to choose. Actors, bloggers, biologists, and a variety of other occupations are included in the sidebar. You also get a brief biography of the person, a book summary, a Good reads rating, and comments (if recommended by more people listed). You can also add your favorite books to the library, but you’ll need to sign in first.


  • Book recommendations from a large database
  • It includes people from a variety of fields.
  • Shows the Good reads rating, publication date, category, and ISBN, among other things.
  • There’s a thorough list organized by book genre.
  • Indicates whether a book is available on Audible.


  • Amazon links were found to be broken.

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4. Whichbook

Consider Whichbook to be a combination of all the aforementioned websites for book recommendations. You can look for it in a variety of ways for your next read. You can search for books based on emotion/mood, character, narrative, and even bestsellers. The world map section is what sets this one apart from the rest. You can explore books by the nation of origin, as you may have suspected. It’s a fantastic way to find books on a particular culture or location. All of this is displayed on a 3D scrollable map, where you can just click on a continent > country to get a list of books.


Another interesting feature is the borrow section, which lists all public libraries where you can borrow books. The remaining book recommendation filters, such as mood/emotion and character/plot, are thorough. The mood section allows the user to adjust the intensity of a mood by dragging the slider. For instance, you can be happy or sad, gentle or violent, and so on. You can filter by plot, race, age, gender, and other factors when it comes to character/story.


  • Map of the world’s libraries
  • Filter possibilities abound.
  • Borrowing list from the public library
  • Covers of books were utilized as templates.
  • Shows a book excerpt as well as books that are relevant to it.


  • Books for individual countries are rather limited.
  • There is no way to sign in (you can’t save books or make a list) and there is no way to create a list.

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5. Reddit Book Recommendation Sites & Apps

There’s a Subreddit for everything, and there’s one for book recommendations as well. The best thing about Subreddits is that you may join several communities that cover a wide range of topics. Aside from that, you can talk about the books you want to read, ask for recommendations, and debate the plot. Check out the following Subreddits for book recommendations.

If you want to talk about a specific genre but can’t find one, you may start a Reddit community (Subreddit) in a few simple steps.

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6. BookSloth

Although there aren’t many book recommendation applications for Android, BookSloth is one of the best. It’s a straightforward app in which you begin by selecting your preferred genres, such as biographies, crime, and fiction. After you’ve decided on a genre (at least three), the app will prompt you to select reading elements.

Book recommendation app on Android

With the app’s community feature, you can connect with other readers right away. You can share your favorite books, participate in discussions, follow other people, and see what books they recommend. A dead recommendation page was one of the issues I encountered when using the app. The app didn’t provide any results in the discovery area even after setting various filters. Leaving that aside, this is a must-try if you’re looking for a book community and want to see what others are reading


  • Allows you to create a one-of-a-kind profile.
  • There are sections on book recommendations, reading, and to read, among other things.
  • Instagram-style social media for sports


  • The Discover section frequently fails to recommend books.
  • I can’t vouch for other people or their suggestions.
  • The app places a greater emphasis on user-generated content.

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7. Goodreads

As a result, I saved the best for last. Goodreads serves as a one-stop shop for all of your reading needs. The number of users on Goodreads has increased since Amazon purchased it. For Kindle users, Goodread’s Kindle connection makes it a convenient option.

The user interface of the Goodreads app

You can look for books by genre and set a target for how many books you want to read each year. The only disadvantage is that the recommendations take time to implement. The program has a steep learning curve, but once you’ve rated a good number of books, it will recommend good novels to you. As a result, the more books you rate, the more likely you are to receive a good recommendation. Goodreads is a fantastic tool for keeping track of your reading. The shelves’ area allows you to keep track of the books you’re reading and create a wishlist.


  • A large library of books
  • Tags can be added to books.
  • Notes and highlights from your Kindle are synced.
  • Allows you to search for books and scan them.


  • Sign-in options are limited.
  • Take reviews into account while compiling a solid list of recommendations.

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Closing Remarks: Book Recommendation Sites and Apps

When it comes to booking recommendations, I believe the web has significantly more tools. When looking for a book, I definitely recommend utilizing Whichbook because it has a lot of criteria. Reddit, on the other hand, should be at the top of your list if you have specific criteria, such as a novel without the main character or a spooky series. Finally, install Goodreads if you want to use an app.

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