8 Best Google Chrome Themes for You to Try in 2022

Are you sick of the same old Google Chrome look? Do you want to completely redo it? You’ve come to the correct location. Because we’re going to show you some of the best Google Chrome themes you should try right now in this post. New themes will not only offer your Chrome browser a new look, but they will also improve your general browsing experience. On the Chrome Web Store, you can find a range of Google Chrome themes. However, here are some of our favorite Chrome themes.

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Google Chrome Themes

1. Just Black

Just Black is a simple Google Chrome theme that you can try. This theme darkens the entire appearance of the browser, including the New Tab page, Bookmark bar, top bar, and other areas. Because this theme is created by the official Chrome team, it is guaranteed to be stable, reliable, and updated on a regular basis. Keep in mind that Just Black paints every element of the browser with black paint. So, if you enjoy bright colors, you might want to avoid this. This one, on the other hand, is a gem for minimalists.

Google Chrome theme Just Black

Download: Just Black

2. Stay Flo

The Stay Flo theme caught my eye as soon as I saw it on the Chrome Web Store. It’s a popular Chrome theme from the Black Artists collection. The Stay Flo theme changes the hue of the Chrome browser to peach, which is really refreshing. The background, on the other hand, is the most noticeable aspect. I thought it was a little overwhelming at first, but the background soon became a visual feast with its brilliant hues. Stay Flo immediately became one of my favorites because of this.

Google Chrome theme Stay Flo

Download: Stay Flo

3. Color Fusion

Color Fusion is a Google Chrome theme that you should try if you like colors. It offers your Chrome browser a gradient effect. The Color Fusion Chrome theme provides distinct gradients for different areas of the browser, which is a plus. The bookmarks bar, for example, has a different gradient than the tabs or address bars. This distinguishes each component of the browser. The motif is appealing to the eye.

Gradient theme in Chrome browser

Download: Color Fusion

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4. Horizon Club Sydney

Horizon Club Sydney may be the ideal Google Chrome theme for you if you enjoy art. On the home page, it displays an abstract of the well-known Sydney Harbor Bridge. It is supposed to be a reflection of the sun on the lake beneath the bridge, among other things. Whatever the situation may be, it appears to be lovely and lively. The tabs, bookmarks bar, and other browser elements are painted in the same color as the abstract background.

Horizon Club Sydney

Download: Horizon Club Sydney

5. Ride the Wave

Ride the Wave is another official theme from the Chrome team in the Black Artists genre. The background of this Google Chrome theme, which depicts a surfer surfing through a large wave with floating bioluminescent jellyfish and shooting stars, is the most eye-catching feature. This is a dark theme for individuals who enjoy black themes yet wish to branch out. A dark tone of blue is also suitable.

Ride the Wave

Download: Ride the Wave

6. Greek Beach

Do you yearn to travel? Do you want to gaze at a stunning vista of a Greek beach? Then you should definitely give the Greek Beach Chrome theme a shot. Other landscape themes are available, but they are either just backgrounds that do nothing for the tabs or other browser elements, or they are utterly plain. Greek Beach has a fantastic home page background, as well as a relaxing blue hue top bar, bookmarks bar, and other beach elements.

Greek Beach

Download: Greek Beach

7. Batman Macabre

Without a superhero Chrome theme, this list would be incomplete. And who better to appear on the list than Batman? You can call me a biassed Batman fan, but I’d rather have a character with brains and beast-like human strength than an extraterrestrial (cough! Superman). Returning to the theme, Batman Macabre is a beautiful one, with a gold and black gradient spanning the top bar, bookmarks bar, and other parts. On the home page, you’ll see a Batman background, which I think is very cool.

Batman Macabre

Download: Batman Macabre

8. Slate Google Chrome Theme

A special mention should go to Slate. It’s a perfect example of how simple things may be more inviting and appealing than those that are overly embellished with superfluous flashy embellishments. Slate is a minimalist theme that is similar to Just Black, except instead of being all-black, it has a dark-bluish tone. The wallpaper is similarly plain and simple, yet it looks fantastic. I had no trouble reading the text or finding icons. Slate is a must-try theme because everything is completely apparent.

Download: Slate

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Closing Remarks for Google Chrome Themes

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest Google Chrome themes we could discover. There are certainly others, and we all have favorites. Maybe you could share yours with us on Twitter?

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