Not Turn off Microsoft Defender on Windows 10

Not Turn off Microsoft Defender Windows 10

The days of Microsoft Defender (previously Windows Defender) being a dull security shield for Windows machines are long gone. Nowadays, the Windows Security suite comes with a slew of regular updates and useful features, saving customers’ money on third-party antivirus software. You may find certain drawbacks to utilizing Microsoft Defender, but so do all the … Read more

Top 11 Microsoft Teams Apps to Improve Productivity

Microsoft Teams Apps

Apps like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom experienced tremendous growth as a result of COVID-19. Many businesses and organizations are embracing a permanent work-from-home environment. Microsoft has recognized the trend and is rapidly upgrading the Team’s experience. The software behemoth has launched an App Store for Teams, with the goal of boosting overall user … Read more

7 Best Twitter Apps for Mac That You Must Use

Twitter Apps for Mac

Twitter is difficult to use in a web browser, therefore most people use third-party apps for their smartphones and computers. These programs provide greater customization, control, and a better overall experience. We haven’t yet discussed Twitter apps for Mac. So, which Twitter apps for Mac are the best? So, let’s get started with my top … Read more

Top 10 Microsoft Edge Themes to Download

Microsoft Edge Themes

Consumers are finally taking notice of Microsoft’s Edge browser. We’ve observed people prefer the default Windows 10 browser to rivals like Chrome and Firefox after switching to the industry-standard Chromium web engine. Microsoft deserves credit for its frequent and inventive improvements, which include Edge Collections, Edge themes, Sleeping tabs, and more. Today, we’ll talk about … Read more