15 Best Utility Apps for Mac You Didn’t Know You Needed

macOS is a well-designed operating system that checks most of the boxes for users. It includes a powerful screenshot tool, as well as the ability to scan your computer using Spotlight and many other features. However, there are numerous functions that macOS lacks, which is why utility programs exist. I’ll reveal my top suggestions for utility apps for Mac you didn’t know you needed in this article. Let’s have a look at those. Apart from this, you can also Combine Multiple Photos Into PDF Windows and Mac on both.

Best Utility Apps for Mac

1. Coconut Battery

Lithium batteries on MacBook have a finite lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. With Coconut Battery, you can put an end to the ambiguity. It’s a small utility tool that evaluates the battery life of your Mac and displays crucial information like cycle count and remaining battery capacity etc. You can even check the battery on your iPhone by connecting it to your Mac. Here’s how to check the health of your MacBook’s battery.

Coconut Battery

Get Coconut Battery (free)

2. HiddenMe

On my Mac, this is one of my most often used utility apps. When I need to capture screenshots, it simply hides the clutter on my desktop. It’s conveniently located in the Menu Bar, and all you have to do is click a button to hide everything on your desktop. It won’t delete any files, so don’t be concerned.

Get HiddenMe (free)

3. Networker Lite

On your Mac, there is no native way to check your current internet speed. Fortunately, we have a variety of network speed monitoring tools to choose from. Networker Lite is a small application that shows the current upload and download speeds in the Menu Bar. You can modify the measurement unit from bytes to bits, as well as the interval refresh rate and text size.

This Mac utility software makes monitoring data use simple and painless. On the App Store, Networker Lite is available for free.

Network Lite Utility App for Mac

Get Networker Lite (free)

4. Hand Mirror

Taking one last look in the mirror before a meeting, whether at home or at work, is always a good idea. Hand Mirror takes advantage of your Mac’s webcam to provide a close-up view of your face for any last-minute spot checks. It’s quite useful.

Get Hand Mirror (free)

5. Self Control Utility App for Mac

I have a poor habit of procrastinating, and one of the tools I use to combat it is the Mac utility software Self Control. It’s a simple program that blocks access to particular websites and prevents you from accessing them till the timer runs out. Even if you uninstall the app, it will keep items blocked, which is clever. You may also like 7 Best Twitter Apps for Mac That You Must Use.

Get Self Control (free)

6. Tot Utility App for Mac

Tot is a text companion software that comes in helpful when you need to save texts temporarily. It’s a hybrid of Stickies and Notes, but it works perfectly for me. I can save passwords, copy text samples with formatting preserved, highlight any article, create to-do lists, and so on. You can even set a keyboard trigger to summon the app with just a keypress.

Get Tot (free)

7. Simple Recorder

On your Mac, this is the simplest way to capture voice notes. Simple Recorder offers the ability to record audio from your Mac’s microphone with a single click. It can be used to keep track of meeting minutes, take notes, and record discussions.

Get Simple Recorder (free)

8. Copyclip Utility App for Mac

Copyclip is a fantastic addition to your Mac’s existing clipboard. You can copy anything and find it immediately on the MenuBar if you have this Mac utility software installed. When you hit CMD+C on a specified text, Copyclip automatically adds copied information to a list. This app’s only drawback is that it does not copy or store images.

Get Copyclip

9. Amphetamine

The following Mac utility app is a must-have. It’s an effective technique for keeping your computer awake. For example, suppose you started a massive download that will take several hours to complete. Amphetamine can be asked to keep your Mac awake until the download is finished. It’s completely adjustable, and you’ll adore it. I use it primarily to keep my Mac from going to sleep. Do you know How to Transfer iMovie from iPhone to Mac?


Get Amphetamine (free)

10. Draw on My Screen EZ

This utility Mac software allows you to do whatever you want with your screen, whether you want to highlight a critical item in a meeting or just want to doodle. To draw on your computer’s screen, simply hold down the CMD+ALT key and move your mouse cursor. It’s incredibly easy to remove everything by using CMD+CTRL.

Get Draw on My Screen EZ (free)

11. Krisp.AI Utility App for Mac

Krisp is more than a utility program, but it deserves to be on this list because of how excellent it is in removing background noise. During those crucial Zoom meetings, it employs AI to reduce background noise from your mic. Surprisingly, it performs better than you may expect, because it eliminates annoying noises in real-time.

It not only reduces and eliminates background noise, but it also eliminates echoes. It can even filter out noises coming from the opposite direction. Krisp can, for example, filter out the noise streaming into your ears when on a zoom call. Krisp features a free tier that gives you 240 minutes of noise cancellation every week, but for $5 per month, you can subscribe to unlimited.

Get Krisp.AI (free)

12. Next Meeting

This app’s sole purpose is to highlight your next future meeting in the Menu Bar so you don’t miss out on key occasions. It pulls meetings from the iCloud Calendar and displays the time remaining till the meeting starts.

Get Next Meeting (free)

13. Fuzzy Time

Instead of displaying the current time in the Menu Bar, this tool truly spells out the time. It tells time like a British butler and updates every five minutes. It also contains a built-in calendar that you can access simply by clicking the time in the Menu bar. You can also alter the typeface, tweak the text size, and change the color of the displayed time.

Get Fuzzy Time (free)

14. AirBuddy 2

Although AirPods are fantastic, they don’t provide the same level of seamless connectivity on a Mac as they do on an iPhone. When you open the AirPods case next to your Mac, AirBuddy bridges the gap and displays a popup identical to the iPhone. Your AirPods can now be connected with a single click.

macOS Monterey identifies your AirPods and allows you to connect them to your Mac wirelessly. It works just like it does on an iPhone. If you don’t want to upgrade to macOS Monterey, Airbuddy 2 is the best option.

Get AirBuddy ($10)

15. Dropover

Dropover is a Mac-based temporary file storage shelf that makes its use case feel vital. It allows you to temporarily store files while you attend to other critical things when shifting a few different files from one location to another. Consider it a clipboard for files, because that’s exactly what it is. Furthermore, the process is significantly more intuitive because of its graphic interface.


Dropover is available for $3.99 with a 14-day free trial.

Get Dropover (free-trial, $3.99)

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Wrap Up: Best Utility Apps for Mac

These are some top utility apps for macOS that you might or might not be aware of. I use HiddenMe, Amphetamine, and Self Control on a regular basis, so the list has something for everyone. So, how about you? Tell me about your favorite Mac app in the comments section below.

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